Jay Adams, The legendary Skateboarder Dies While On Surfing Vacation

resizedimageJay Adams has died. The legendary skateboarder known as one of the original members of Z-Boys was fifty three years old and the cause of death was a heart attack. Back in 2005, he was immortalized in the Lords of Dogtown, portraying him was Emile Hirsch. What happened while he was a Mexican holiday, he was surfing when he died.

Also it was for many years when he battled drugs and spent time in prison for two for drugs offenses and one assault. According to reports Adams had no history of heart problems.

He was born in Venice, California and his skating hobby started at a young age,

The news of his death was first broken on the Instagram of fellow Z-Boy member Stacy Peralta.

Hirsch tweeted his condolences at the news.

We lost a true wild man with the passing of Jayboy. Jay Adams was a legend who will be missed.
Tony Hawke also spoke highly of his friend on Twitter.

Goodbye Jay Adams. Thank you for inspiring us to get vertical and to keep pushing the limits of what is possible.

Adams leaves behind his wife Tracy and two children, Venice and Seven.

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Paul Walker’s Wreckage Piece Thief Gets Jail Time

resizedimagePaul Walker‘s car wreckage thief has been jailed. The Into the Blue star, who tragically died in a fiery car crash wreckage had been missing a piece which had been stolen by a man, who was given six month in prison. The person in question, eighteen year old Jameson Witty and his accomplice, twenty six year old Anthony Edward Janow, both pleaded no contest to misdemeanor charges.

The youngsters were caught on camera pulling off parts of the Porsche Carrera GT on November 30 after the tow truck removing it from the devastating scene in Santa Clarita, California, stopped at traffic lights.

After witnessing the heartless crime, the tow truck driver reported it to Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station. The statement reads:

”At one point the driver of the tow truck stopped at the red light E/B Newhall Ranch Road
at McBean Parkway.

”A witness saw a male exit a vehicle that was following the tow truck. The male grabbed a piece of the wrecked Porsche off the tow truck bed. The male drove away with the stolen vehicle part.”

It is believed Anthony will be given the same sentence when he appears in court in October.

Walker was a passenger in the vehicle which was driven by his long-term friend Roger Rodas, who also perished in the accident.

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Dwayne Johnson’s Family Is ‘So Thankful’ They Survived

resizedimageDwayne Johnson’s family is ‘so thankful’. The California born star and the son of Ata Johnson (née Maivia) and professional wrestler Rocky Johnson says they are lucky that no one had been killed when his mother and cousin were hit by a driver, who was drunk. He is known as the name The Rock an American and Canadian actor and inactive professional wrestler’s mom, Johnson, and cousin, Lina Fanene, are ”going to be okay” They were on their way back from a fundraiser banquet when the person in question, a woman charged with DUI smashed right into their Cadillac Escalade on August 2,2014.

Afa Anoa’i, a cousin of Ata and uncle to Lina, told PEOPLE magazine:

”Physically, they’re going to be okay. But they’re very emotional now. They’re shaken up, so this will take some time for them to get over.”

But he added:

”We have a very close family. We take care of each other.”

Lina underwent surgery for a broken collarbone, while Ata suffered a bruised chest and lungs. Her left arm was also injured and fitted with a cast.

Afa hopes the accident will serve as a lesson to other motorists.

He said:

”This is our family’s moment to remind people about the issue of driving while under the influence. It’s never worth it to drink and drive.

”We were just so thankful that no one was killed, including the girl who was driving the other car. We don’t want to see anything bad happen to anybody.”

Johnson escorted Ata home from hospital yesterday, August 12, 2014.

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Jon Hamm Turned Down Chance To Be Green Lantern

resizedimageJon Hamm had turned down being Green Lantern. While first starting out in his career, he starred in the television series, Providence and The Division, and he supposedly turned down the chance to become part of the superhero movie because it seems as if he doesn’t prefer these types of genres. Born in St. Louis, Missouri, his father ran a family trucking company and his mother was a secretary and that this moment he can be viewed on the series Drama Mad Men as Don Draper.

Actually it has been said he turned down several attempts, but the role finally went to actor Ryan Reynolds. He said: [Read more...]

Jaime Pressly Talks Almost Full Mastectomy, Mastitis Diagnosis!

resizedimageJaime Pressly opens up about her almost full mastectomy, the former for Teen Magazine had noticed something different in her breasts about four years ago, they were limps. That is when the My Name is Earl actress was given the diagnoses of Mastitis, which is,

an inflammation in the mammary glad that often results from a bacterial infection related to breastfeeding. The Poison Ivy star had developed the severe form of the benign disorder when she welcomed her seven year old son called Dezi, his father is her former fiancé Eric Cubiche.

At first the thirty seven year old thought she was,

suffering from ”regular breastfeeding pain.

She told ‘The Talk’:

”I had something that happened to me years ago — when I had my son I got mastitis, but I didn’t know because I thought it was just regular breastfeeding pain.”

After having scar tissue removed from one breast, doctors informed her that the disorder had spread and she was forced to remove tissue from her other breast. [Read more...]

‘School Of Rock’ (Jack Black) Live Action TV Remake In The Works

resizedimageb’School Of Rock‘ TV Remake is in the works. It is comedy and one of it’s lead actors is Jack Black. And what has been stated is that Nickelodeon and Paramount Pictures will be getting together to bring together a live action television remake. The movie came out in 2003.

The show will center on Dewey Finn (played by Jack Black in the film), a guitarist who is kicked out of his rock band and becomes a substitute teacher at a prestigious prep school. He winds up passing his love of rock ‘n’ roll onto his students, who learn to play music and run with it.

Russell Hicks, President, Content and Development, Nickelodeon, said in a press release:

“School of Rock is one of those great movies that always felt quintessentially Nickelodeon in its tone and humor.”

Added Amy Powell, President of Paramount Television:

“School of Rock will be an irresistibly fun show for the whole family.”

Back in 2012, Black talked about his wish for a sequel. He told the New York Post,

“I wish (a sequel would happen). I tried really hard to get all the pieces together. I wouldn’t want to do it without the original writer anddirector, and we never all got together and saw eye-to-eye on what the script would be. It was not meant to be, unfortunately. But never say never.”

The thirteen episodes will be in production sometime this Fall expected to be ready in 2015 written by the producers of Crash & Bernstein.

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MasterChef Season 5 Episode 11 Recap “Top 11 Compete”

resizedimage (1)MasterChef Recap, August 4, 2014 Episode eleven season 5, called Top 11 Compete. On tonight’s episode aired on Fox, the top eleven chefs will compete. They will have to choose between one of two mystery boxes, one will contain ordinary ingredients and well the other will hold high-end items.And the winner, who will advance to the top ten will receive immunity picking the stuff pasta the rest of the chefs will be using during the elimination challenge.

 MaterChef season 5 airs tonight at 8.00 p.m. on Fox.

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