Rosie Huntington-Whiteley White Hot Cut Out Swimsuit Esquire UK Travel Issue

resizedimageRosie Huntington-Whiteley represents Esquire UK. wearing A white bikini. The English model and actress covers the April 2015 travel issue. She is just relaxing around the pool on an orange and white striped chaise.

“I was the country kid who wanted to go to the city,” the stunning Brit, 27, told the magazine. “As soon as I hit my teens, and I started to get inspired by fashion and culture and travel, I wanted the cosmopolitan life and the opportunities you could only get if you lived in London.” Huntington-Whiteley added of her burning desire to jumpstart her career in London, “I wanted to be in a city that was glamorous, that was sexy, that was dangerous.”

Every time she feels overwhelmed by her place in life, she reflects on her long journey to success.

“Sometimes I almost forget. I moan about having to get on a 12-hour flight and I catch myself and go, ‘Shut the f-ck up, Rosie,” she said. “Who thought you would be sat in First Class on British Airways sipping a cup of tea, everyone asking if there’s anything else they can bring you?”

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Ryan Phillippe Fears He Passed His Depression Issues To His Daughter

resizedimageRyan Phillippe: ‘I fear my daughter inherited my depression issues’. At the beginning of his career, he starred in the Soap Opera One Life to Live, but became more recognized when he acted in I Know What You Did Last Summer, Cruel Intentions, and 54 is afraid that he has passed on his depression issues onto his daughter Ava. He has explained that since he has been a child depression has been such an obstacle for him, and now is fifteen year old daughter to whom he had with Reese Witherspoon believes he is starting to see signs that she is struggling.

Phillippe tells Elle magazine,

“As you get older I think it decreases some, but I’m just innately kind of a sad person. I’m empathetic, and I take on the feelings of others and transpose myself into the position of others.

“I see it in my daughter. She has it, and I wish to hell she didn’t. It’s just, some people do have this pervading sort of sadness, or they’re so analytical that they can kind of take the fun out of things because they think too much.”

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Lily James, Cinderella, Insists She Believes In Film’s Central Message

resizedimageLily James believes in true love. The twenty five year old English actress, real name (Lily Chloe Ninett), who has starred in Downton Abbey and will star in the 2015 Disney film Cinderella, says she believes in the message in which this movie gives, happy ever after.

Speaking about her role in the new movie, Lily told The Sun newspaper:

”I believe in the magic of people and of connections, and I believe in true love.

”I don’t know if I believe that you can turn a pumpkin into a carriage, though – unless you’re on some crazy drugs.”

On the other hand the fifty four year old director, Sir Kenneth felt that his retelling of ‘Cinderella’ was relevant to a modern audience,

his live-action version of the classic fairytale needed to be significantly different from the original animated version.

Reflecting on his new movie, Sir Kenneth has explained:

”I did want to make a film that was about courage and about kindness and about a psychological modernity in the middle of this traditional story.

”The Cinderella myth continues to capture our imaginations.”

He shared:

”We have the line Cinderella is told by her mother: ‘Have courage and be kind’; some people thought it seemed trite, but I was reminding them of King Lear when Edgar says ‘Have patience and endure’ at the point he’s being put in the stocks and mocked.

”Patience to me equates to compassion, and endurance is a form of courage – it reminded me that these basic, human and fundamental situations get seized on by great storytellers and there are obvious resonances between all these stories.”

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Nicole Scherzinger’s Advised By Pals To Cut Ties With Lewis Hamilton

resizedimageNicole Scherzinger has cut ties with Lewis Hamilton.The former Pussycat Dolls and the British Formula One racing driver decided to part ways last months following seven years of being together off and on, well the “Don’t Cha”’s pal have reportedly advised her that keepig in touch with her is not healthy.

A source said:

“The split has been devastating for Nicole. She feels the only way she can move on is by putting distance between her and Lewis.

“While their split was amicable, she and those around her feel it’s not healthy for them to remain friends.”

Thirty six year old Scherzinger is heartbroken over their split and all she has been doing is concentrating on work.

The insider added:

“Nicole has been throwing herself into work, and having these trips in place has meant that she has been getting physical distance from the whole situation.”

Following the news of the couple’s split, Nicole travelled to India for a performance at a £15 million wedding before heading to the Philippines with Unicef.

She is currently working in Venice but took time to enjoy the beautiful Italian city.

Sharing a picture of her travels on Instagram, she captioned it: “Our view from #SanMarcoCampanile #belltower #Venice #GodisGood#soblessed (sic)”

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Chad Johnson Interested In Kelly Osbourne Seat On ‘Fashion Police’

resizedimageChad Johnson (ormerly “Ochocinco‘) is interested in replacing the English-American television presenter and fashion designer Kelly Osbourne on the ‘Fashion Police‘. According to TMZ Sports they report that the former gridiron football wide receiver for the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League wants to take her seat on E!’s “Fashion Police.”

“Who better when it comes to fashion than me? I rarely wear labels or high-end clothing and kill it,” Johnson told TMZ.

While no decision has been made on who will take over for Osbourne, Johnson may not be a bad fit after all. Besides, he’s got enough photos of his own fashion to prove himself worthy of the task.

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Michael Bay Reportedly Being Sued by A Construction Worker

resizedimageMichael Bay is being sued by a construction worker. He is known as a film director and producer, known for directing big-budget action films characterized by fast edits, stylistic visuals and extreme use of special effects is facing some legal issue. What a builder has claimed is that while he was working on Bay’s estate in 2013 he was allegedly injured.

The construction worker claims Bay failed to warn him about a dangerous hole on his property, which was covered with plastic, and he reportedly suffered serious injuries after falling through. The plaintiff, who has not been identified, is suing for medical costs, lost wages and damages, according to Bay originally bought the mansion in 2009, when he demolished the existing home and started from scratch. Construction work has been ongoing ever since.

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Dwayne Johnson ‘Heart Continuing To Breaks’ For Paul Walker’s Daughter

resizedimage5Dwayne Johnson’s keeps continuing to break for the daughter of the late Paul Walker. The star, who acted in the Tooth Fairy and The Scorpion King admits this is the way he still feels. The forty two year old star, who is also a producer and professional wrestler was left undeniable heartbroken when his co star form Fast & Furious died in a fiery car crash, however, who he is rally feeling down for his sixteen year old daughter Meadow he left behind as he knows how much her dad loved her. Johnson has a daughter himself, thirteen year old Simone and he has said,

“My heart broke for his family and it continues to break for his daughter. Paul and I talked all the time about how cool it is to be daddies to little girls. Our girls aren’t so little but they’ll always be little to us.”

Following the death of the Into The Blue star, filming for Fast & Furious did stop, but now finishing the movie Johnson feels may be as an appropriate tribute.

The WWE Superstar said:

“It was one of the most difficult things we had all gone through. It affected the movie in that it completely shut it down, which was the right and appropriate thing to do.

“You’re left with, ‘What do we do next? What’s the most appropriate step? What’s the most respectful step?’

“We did what I feel was the best thing, which was create a little bit of space, make a little bit of time and regroup, pull our wagons back and then move forward with how we’re going to make the best movie possible, with the intention of respecting Paul and his legacy.”

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