French Montana Insists Kanye West is Quite Humble

Kanye-WestFrench Montana says Kanye West is so humble. The American rapper, real name Karim Kharbouch says in his words the American rapper is definitely so and he doesn’t mind taking advice from other artists. The thirty-year-old and Khloe Kardashian have been in a relationship on and off for the last while and what he is saying West is much more modest than he’s widely perceived to be.

He shared:

”If you sit down with him, he’s down for anything. The best part about is that he’s so humble. He’s not cocky when you sit down with him. He wants to hear everything you have to say.”

French said it was a ”pleasure” for him to serve as a co-producer on Kanye’s recent hit single ‘All Day’.

He admitted:

”Lord knows he’s one of the biggest artists you can work with in our generation. Kanye was one of the first people who tried to sign me. We’ve had a relationship since then. For me not even signing with him and he’s still helping me with the project, I feel like only real people do stuff like that.

”Usually if it’s someone you don’t sign with, they’re like, ‘OK, you didn’t sign with me. I can’t help you with nothing. You should’ve came over here.’ So for him to still help, that’s a blessing.”

He also insists their relationship is still the same although he wed his girlfriend Khloe’s  sister Kim Kardashian.

Asked if being with a member of the Kardashian family altered the dynamics of their relationship, French told Rolling Stone magazine:

”No. No my relationship has never changed with him. He’s still the same person that I knew before I even met Khloe or anybody. We have our own relationship.”

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Taylor Swift Feels Totally Lucky Having Fantastic Friends

resizedimage5Taylor Swift says ‘I have great friends’. The twenty-five-year-old Country vocalist, who is close friends with Karlie Kloss expresses she just feels so lucky having so many fantastic friends.  Swift’s close knit friends also include Selena Gomez and Lena Dunham explains they are the ones she can rely on whenever support is ever needed explaining it’s because,

they all understand the pressures of fame.

Kloss said:

“She travels a lot. She almost moved to London and I said, ‘Nope, not happening.’ She now lives in New York.”

Speaking to Germany’s Glamour magazine, she said:

“I can say I’m really lucky to have friends like Karlie, Lena and Selena that I can call at any time day or night and who understand how my life feels.”

Swift also and vocalist Ed Sheeran also have a close friendship, as they,

regularly get together and they often enjoy “themed-nights”.

She said:

“Sometimes we organise themed nights. We all agree to make nice Shirley Temple cocktails, go to the new Ralph Lauren restaurant (to shop).”

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Jessica Alba Talks Struggles Understanding Homework.

resizedimageJessica Alba talks struggles with homework. The former The Secret World of Alex Mack actress says that her daughter’s homework theses days she can’t understand as math has had a makeover since her childhood days. The thirty-four-year-old Honey star and her husband Cash Warren, share together children Honor, six, and Haven, three, says it’s some hard helping their six-year-old with the subject.

She said:

“Honor is reading chapter books and doing math – but it’s so different from when I learned math. It’s all about grouping numbers. I look at it and I’m like, ‘Is that algebra? In the first grade?’ But I like that they’re using new methods. I don’t really understand it. So it’s challenging.”

She also says her youngest is very smart, she is starting to learn to write. She is also the founder of The Honest Company is not upset she  just had a birthday and getting older.

She told Us Weekly magazine:

“Haven is getting her letters down and counting.”

She explained:

“I was much more fussy and nit-picky about imperfections before I had kids. Now it’s like, hey, just own it.”

She also said she is not sure about having more children,

Asked if she wants to try to have a little boy, she said:

“I’m just happy to have healthy babies and – not right now – I’m busy. I’m really busy! I love kids and I love babies, but right now, I can’t imagine. It just started to get easy.”

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Bjork Surgery Gave Her A Deeper Voice.

resizedimage (1)Bjork surgery has changed my voice. She is an Icelandic singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, first recognized as a lead singer of the alternative rock band The Sugarcubes says she now has a deeper voice. Back in November 2012, she had a polyp removed from her vocal cords, and the outcome is different than she thought would happen,

rather than limit her abilities she believes the procedure has had a huge impact on her voice because it has extended her range.

She revealed:

“Since the operation, I have some of the high notes better than I have had for a while, but also I’ve got some deep notes that I didn’t have before. And I haven’t used them.”

Bjork is so happy with the way her voice is now that she is feeling tempted to record a new EP solely to show it off.

She continued:

“I’d like maybe to do an EP just with the deep notes.”

Björk is from Reykjavík.

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Richard Gere’s Divorce Could Cost Him A Fortune

resizedimageRichard Gere‘s divorce could cost a lot. The former An Officer and A Gentleman star & Carey Lowell’s divorce may loose one Million dollars. Gere and his wife Carey Lowell were married for almost twelve years when he parted ways in her in December 2013.

The two recently came together at Manhattan Supreme Court to work out the financial details involving the actor’s estimated $250 million fortune — of which Lowell reportedly wants half.

An insider told the Daily Mail,

“She wanted to stay married and keep their family together, but when Richard didn’t, she decided to take him to the cleaners.”

Depending on the source, the former couple split over reports that the actor cheated or because he preferred meditation to her partying ways. Gere is a devoted Buddhist.

The pair has already settled custody arrangements concerning their 15-year-old son, Homer, according to the New York Post.

The former couple acted cordial to one another as they waited to meet the judge last week, Page Six reports. They met privately with Justice Matthew Cooper for approximately 30 minutes and declined to comment after leaving the office.

This is not the first time Gere was married, he wed supermodel Cindy Crawford from 1991 to 1995, and he dated “Top Chef” star Padma Lakshmi.

Gere is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Emma Stone Appreciates Success Opportunities

resizedimage (2)Emma Stone appreciates her success. Well known for starring in The Help Crazy, Stupid, Love and The Amazing Spider-Man says she is no one for taking success fro granted because she experienced firsthand what rejection was like. The actress is known for her witty and charming roles in several popular comedies also appreciates all the opportunities that come her way.

She said:

”I still remember crying on my couch a few years ago when I didn’t get some roles I wanted. That makes this time in my life that much more meaningful.”

The twenty-six-year-old has a few things going on, she wrapped up a Broadway ‘Cabaret’ waiting for the release of her next film, ‘Aloha,’ in late May, says she is not a workaholic.

She said:

”I enjoy my time off and make sure that I don’t lose sight of my friends and family. Sometimes it’s hard to go out in public as much as I’d like, with photographers following me to my favourite café. I still don’t understand why it’s so interesting to take photos of me drinking coffee!”

Stone also says she is uncomfortable with some aspects of fame, saying i went a long way in helping her anxiety.

She told OK! magazine:

”I’m much more secure now, but I still deal with anxiety. Acting is a way of overcoming it, because it allows me to make use of my overly sensitive side and channel all that nervous energy, which would otherwise be an obstacle. My work is such an important outlet – I can’t imagine my life without it.”

Stone is from Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Brandon Flowers Family Is Everything to Him

resizedimageBrandon Flowers says I’m all about family. He is an American musician, singer, songwriter and lyricist and the main songwriter and lead singer of the Las Vegas-based rock band the Killers says when he is not busy at work he puts his best into being a dad. Flowers also has his own solo career, with his new single Can’t Deny My Love. When he is not involved in his career, he is out with his family, wife Tana Mundkowsky and their sons Gunnar, Henry and Ammon.

“When I’m not making music… I try to be the best dad I can be to my kids, try to be the best husband I can be to my wife. And maybe get a hike in,” he smiled to Mojo.

“My biggest vice is… well, Las Vegas has no shortage of great Mexican food. But I have a desire for one dish at one particular joint in town that borders on sinful.”

Flowers, who grew up in the gambling capital is so grateful to music for giving him a way out.

 At first his escapism was mentally, listening to tunes to “transport” him to another place. Eventually, his talents were recognised enough for him to get away physically.

“My big goal in life was to get ‘juiced in’ to a big casino by one of my uncles and park cars for big tips. That was it. But when The Killers blasted off, all that changed,” he recalled. “I’ve been really lucky. I don’t have anything looming over my head.”

When quizzed on how he’d like to be remembered in years to come, Brandon,

  who cites his wife as his most prized possession – hopes to be viewed as “a good man who never gave up”.

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