Selena Gomez Naked Pic

There is an uncensored photo that has been leaked of Selena Gomez nude. It’s really shocking, she doesn’t seem the type and we’re not sure if it is real but it is moving fast around cyberspace.


  1. taytay says:

    if u look at thelight on her face and the light on her neckless they’re both comeing from the same sorce so the body is real its easy to tell if the background is fake and it isnt. now the persion could be a fake in general a look alike

  2. Selena Gomez says:

    this is just stupid people talking that this is real. this was already on the net 20 years ago and it is a fake see the hair splitting line. BAM fake. My head smaller than the other person and that person have no titties mole.

    • jo says:

      I agree I can tell a fake when I see one

    • selena supporter says:

      why wwould there be a tan line on the boobs when its winter time??????? she obviously didnt walk around in a bikini anytime soon. also the shadow line under the head it too obvious. if it was a real shadow, it would fade deeper and i have also seen the real picture of selena with the same hair. it could easily be photoshopped onto a different body. its pathetic how people try to make other people look bad when i know for a fact that Selena would never do that.

      • @selena supporter says:

        “why wwould there be a tan line on the boobs when its winter time??????? she obviously didnt walk around in a bikini anytime soon.”

        Yes, because it’s not as if people, especially rich celebrities, are capable of spending a week in a tropical location during the winter.

        There’s also the fact that the picture is undated. Just because it was released in winter, doesn’t mean it was taken in winter.

    • joe says:

      its not her guys trust me i know ok dont ask how but its not her so drop it

  3. Noahbball10 says:

    I agree it’s fake your wrong your right Selena

  4. zay says:

    its fake cause i know what it looks like

  5. njas says:

    those r good but not big

  6. LOL says:

    this might be fake by her boobs r bigger

  7. dylan says:

    its not selena gomez she has a beauty mark on her boob (left one)

  8. toto says:

    wahahahaha i hv no knwledge in mutltimedia bt i can tell this picture is really really really fake! There is something weird when u see between the neck and head..really really really fake!

  9. DD says:

    That is not realy

  10. DD says:

    That is not real!!!!! #1 FAN

  11. Chad says:

    These pictures are sexy and so sexy i`d die for these pictures.

  12. in love with Selena says:


  13. SGS says:

    Looking at the background, it appears to be in a bathroom, and the fact that Selena isn’t looking at the camera or trying to stop it, goes to show that the photo would of hypothetically been unknowingly taken. But while the photo is to a degree hi-def, also zoomed in close enough. If there was a person there it would be easily ajusted to be close-cropped. But on too many instances a spycam is not capable to rotate its lens, therefore “Selena” would to have walked close to the camera and in it’s sight. Lighting and shadowing are too close to call fake, and to get such a well done picture would have to be professional. And to Photoshop a face, hair, near perfectly is almost impossible. Not to mention that some of the hair is UNDER the necklace. After thinking about all of this I believe there’s no grounds to call this fake nor real.

  14. pecy says:

    You look so hot ok call me back .

  15. silly says:

    omg selena is a slut !!!!

  16. shaggy says:

    So what if it’s fake? It’s still fun to pretend! :D

  17. Tayler says:


  18. frag says:

    looks fake

  19. steven says:

    this photo is real because selena gomez has a birth mark or a mole on her right boob and in this pic she dose, and you can look at any other pic of her and just look at her chest and you can see that this photo is real. (it’s on her right boob))

  20. Your hot selena says:

    that so not selena she is much hotter than that

  21. daniel says:

    selena gomez is way hoter has awesome boobs that guys would be all over them because they look goood enough to suck like i would do if i could get a hold of them and has a nice sexy ass that needs to be fucked in and has beautiful lips that some lucky guy might kiss them

  22. sir awesome says:

    fucking sexy but i wish that i could see the boobs


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