We are now down to 20 bachelorettes who have moved into the luxurious Malibu mansion, lucky bitches!

Ashley H gets the first one-on-one date, let the claws come out and..

the jealousy begin!

Brad starts his first date by bringing Ashley H to a deserted dirt road that leads to a scary, dark wooded area. An electrical switch appears out of nowhere and once they both flip it, a private carnival lights up in front of them. They both run around like to kids, playing games and going on rides together. Taking a break, they sit down and chat for a bit and open up about both their fathers not being there for them, the connection begins and Brad offers Ashley H a rose and of course, she accepts. Up in the Ferris Wheel, Brad takes his shot at the season’s first kiss and scores!

The remaining girls receive another date box and 15 girls are invited to share a date with him, one of them is Michelle and it is her 30th birthday. On the day of the date, Brad tells the girls that they will be filming ads to remind people about how important it is to donate blood to the American Red Cross. Melissa is getting more annoyed by the minute watching the other ladies kiss Brad and rudely interrupts the filming to jump in and plant a kiss on Brad.

Brad shoots a particularly provocative scene with two of the ladies and one being Brit who really makes out with him which causes Michelle to lose it and walks of the set.

The drama heats up at a rooftop evening pool party and Melissa takes the opportunity to apologize to Brad for intruding on the scene earlier that day. Brad, feeling guilty, asks Michelle for some time alone since it is her birthday and later in the pool, he gives her the rose.

Jackie is chosen for a fantasy date and little does she know that it is going to be her own Pretty Women experience.  At a luxurious Beverly Hills hotel, tells Jackie to get into a robe and he gets in one as well. After a mud mask and pampering session, Brad brings her into a room filled with gowns, shoes and jewels for her to choose from. Jackie choose classy and elegant clothes where if most of the other ladies had the chance, they probably would have picked more revealing and racy ones. Brad takes Jackie to an intimate dinner at the Hollywood Bowl and surprises her with a private concert by Train. Jackie tells him that she has had only had two relationships and Brad is concerned that she is like he was the first time on the show and he gives her the rose anyway.

Brad arrives at the cocktail party and Michelle immediately whisks him away for some alone time and asks him what coffee he prefers, wtf! The other girls are stressed and drama just starts to heat up. Raichel and Melissa erupt and face off in a verbal battle royale. Brad meets up with Michelle and blames the whole fight on Raichel. Brad then searches out Raichel and vice-a-versa.

Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez arrive to help Brad get to the bottom of the battle royale and to find out who is actually there for the right reasons. Melissa, not being able to keep her mouth shut, whined and complained to the engaged couple. Brad gives Emily the rose based on Ali and Roberto’s opinion that she is truly genuine.

And the final roses go to…..Chantal O, Sarah, Alli, Kimberly, Shawntel N, Stacey, Ashley S, Madison, Lisa, Marissa, Meghan and Lindsay. The final rose of the evening goes to Britt. Keltie, Drama Queen Melissa and Raichel go home. Perfect choice!


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