Emma Watson in new Lancôme ad (photo)

Emma Watson in new Lancôme ad (photo)

Emma Watson did a shoot to be used in an ad for Lancôme Perfume. When I heard about this, I have to say that I was really excited to see it. When I did see it, I was terribly disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, we all know that she’s extremely hot, but she looks almost like Justin Bieber. This is how pop culture is being ruined in the world that we live in today. Every other perfume or cologne ad that I have ever seen oozes sexuality, as it should for that product. This is just Emma with a boyish haircut (it looks good on her normally) in what appears to be a pork pie (yes we get it, she’s British) hat. I guess I will just go back to waiting on the last installment of Harry Potter to come out to drool over her again.


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