Lil Wayne And Drake Collaboration Overrated

Rappers Lil Wayne and Drake are teaming up for a collaborative album. reports that the Wayne/Drake project is definitely going to get done. Drake was the first to reveal that he wanted to launch a joint disc with Wayne early this year.

In all honesty this collaboration is not something I’m not looking forward too. Wayne and Drake are weak overrated rappers, they have not impressed me in so long. So this is simply just going to be another miss for me. On a further note, the collaborative album between Jay Z and Kanye West is something I’ll give a shot at. I’m not a fan of Kanye all that much but I’m a huge fan of Jay Z. So if Wayne and Drake actually do this, they got to only put out music the fans can relate to. None of that ‘I got lots of money and cool stuff’ crap.


  1. Dolton Parker says:

    I just finished a research paper on Lil Wayne last week; A little known fact about him: He shot himself in the chest at age 12 with a 9mm pistol

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