Tyler, Creating The Future?

So, if you hadn’t heard of him yet, after the MTV’s Video Music Awards, you should have.  Tyler, the Creator, is just one of the many names he goes by, and most of you are probably wondering who I’m talking about.  Tyler, the leader and head of the OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All) hip-hop collective, won the VMA Award for “Best New Artist” earlier tonight for his video “Yonkers.”  Many people I know are still complaining that he didn’t deserve this by any means, especially ahead of Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of the kid and his crew, and what they are doing for music right now.  It might just seem like a bunch of vulgar, sarcastic, sadistic, satanic, crap to everyone else; but the reality is, they are just kids being kids and having fun.  That’s what music was always supposed to be about, that’s where we all started with it at one point or another, and that is why I think they deserve the respect.

Why doesn’t the kid who managed to go viral across the internet in the past 6 months deserve it more than Wiz or Big?  No one has been able to give me a response to that question that wasn’t the generic, “because they’re both better than he is.” Some of their music is better, but they are rappers and writers, neither of them produces their own tracks, mixes their own tracks, directs and shoots their own videos, which Ace (Tyler) does.  He is an all around artist, and the award was for ARTIST of the year, not rapper or hip-hop video. Plus “Yonkers” is a far better video than “My Last” is.

With that said, what do y’all think? WOLFGANG!

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