Jennifer Lopez Explains On-Stage Breakdown


Jennifer Lopez spoke out about why she suddenly broke down while singing ‘One Love’ on stage – but her reason seems far from the truth. Fans were wondering why she started to cry, while many had their thoughts on the fact that she was getting a divorce from Marc Anthony, she says it was a whole different reason.

The singer who signed on to appear on the next season of American Idol says: “After I sang the song, I was standing there and I realized that I did bare a little bit of my thoughts in the song. I also acted it out, kind of, for the audience and the way they received it was very touching. I think that they felt what I felt, which is [that] I’m just a girl like everybody else trying to find my way. I felt like they got that and they understood it. We were all like one at that moment.”

Lopez split from Marc Anthony was confirmed two months ago. The couple are ‘totally fine’ with it, according to a source. They remain friends and see each other occasionally when it comes to their two children.

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