Suburgatory Season 1 Episode 5 Halloween 10/26/2011 RECAP

Suburgatory is HOT

Tonight is the fifth episode of ABC comedy Suburgatory and we’ll be covering the show live!  From the official synopsis of tonight’s episode, titled, Halloween: Episode Synopsis: George tries to change Dallas’ low opinion of Halloween by showing her the fun side of fear, but he’s in for a shock when her frequently traveling husband (Jay Mohr) comes home unannounced. Meanwhile, Tessa’s costume rubs the locals the wrong way.

George is outside with Tessa decorating the lawn for Halloween and she starts to reminisce about when she was younger and in the neighbourhood she grew up in, people were killed for real. Noah shows up and sees Tessa in the pretend guillotine and asks George if they got the decorations approved by the neighborhood committee. Tess decides that she is going to find a costume that makes a mockery of her neighbors. She looks in the closet and finds a box called ‘Misty’ and decides to dress like her in velour and bumps her hair

At school, Mr. Wolf tells Tessa that her costume is in bad taste and calls her to his office. George meets up with Dallas at the school and tells her that he is annoyed that he has to ask permission to put a guillotine on his lawn and feels that people are robbing the citizens of the town of good spooky fun. To prove his point, he asks one of the girls in the classroom what she is dressed as and she says a slutty mushroom.

Mr. Wolf tells Tessa that is inappropriate that she is copying a girl, Misty, that is dead – meaning, Tessa is living in a dead girls room.

Tessa confronts Lisa and asks her why she didn’t tell her that she lives in a dead girl’s room. Lisa explains that Misty got Lasick Eye surgery and after that she just changed. Lisa was very upset and wished Lisa would dissapear forever and she did. Lisa is convinced that it being All Hallows eve, Mystey is possessing Tessa;s body because she is acting too much like her.

Dallas goes to see George and he scares, but she’s not impressed. Meanwhile, Tessa is getting freaked out about sleeping in a dead girl’s room. George tells Tessa that Halloween sucks in this town and he can’t even convince Dallas that the town is not spooky.

George makes one final attempt to prove to Dallas that they should have a scary Halloween. He walks up to Dallas and startles her, then tells her to give him one more chance for a scary Halloween and she says ok. Back at home, George picks a scary movie for them to watch, he picks a real scary one that makes Dallas’ palms sweaty and her heart race. George wins, Dallas gives him the ok to go ahead with his plans. George puts on his

Tessa returns home  and finds candles lit all over the place, Lisa and Malik are performing an exorcism. In the middle of the exorcism, the door bell rings and it’s someone who claims to be Misty. It is Misty and she’s not dead, Malik throws holly water at her. Lisa is stunned to see her and asked why her parents would say she went to a better place. Misty said she did according to her parents, she went to remedial school.

George puts on his Executioner costume and answers the door when it rings, a guy is there who he doesn’t know, it is Steven, and he punches him in the face cause this is Steven’s house and he has no idea who George is. Steve is Dallas’ husband – so that’s George’s exit to grab his things and leave Dallas’ house.

Halloween night and George is sitting outside with Tessa and puts on his Executioner costume and scares the kids by severing a head, Tessa grabs the head and shows it to the kids.



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