Maria Yeater Finds Baby Daddy

Maria Yeater Finds Baby Daddy

The ex-boyfriend of Justin Bieber‘s alleged baby mama, Maria Yeater, claims he is the father and he wants to take a DNA test to prove it. TMZ broke the story that Yeater leaked out the ‘daddy’ in text messages that she sent a friend.

Robbie Powell is now coming forward because he is fed up with Yeater using the child to try and get money out of Bieber. No Kidding, I bet Bieber is fed up as well.

Yeater could be facing a lot of trouble if she is found lying, she could face up to two years in jail. Basically, she will have to prove to the court that she has sufficient evidence that Justin Bieber is indeed the father of her child, under oath. Even if Justin Bieber plans on sueing her, which he would have every right to, you can’t get something out of nothing, if this girl is desperate for cash the only justice he will get is seeing her in jail.

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