Kim Kardashian’s Replica Wedding Dress Going On Sale, Why Bother?

Kim Kardashian's Replica Wedding Dress Going On Sale, Why Bother?

Replicas of Kim Kardashian‘s Vera Wang wedding dresses are going on sale even though her 72-day old marriage is finished.

The 31-year-old reality star married Kris Humphries in August but the marriage ended last week with Kim saying she had to “follow my heart”. I don’t know about you, I pretty much would consider wearing a dress that was replicated from hers to be a bad omen.

The “Kim Kardashian Wedding Gown Collection” is already in production and will be available for sale by next Valentines Day by David’s Bridal stores.

David’s Bridal executive VP Brian Beitler revealed to New York Post newspaper: “The entire White by Vera Wang spring 2012 collection will be available exclusively at David’s Bridal stores next season.”

Kim’s is not the only doomed designer dress, there was the one Jessica Simpson wore to marry Nick Lachey and Mariah Carey‘s dress for her wedding to Tommy Mottola.

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