Kourtney and Kim Take NY ‘The Honeymoon Is Over’ LIVE recap 11/27/11

Kourtney and Kim Take NY

Tonight we finally get to see behind the scenes of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries relationship on ‘Kourtney & Kim Take NYC’. The episode is titled “The Honeymoon Is Over”, although they should have added the ’72 days’.

Petitions were made to remove the Kardashian’s from E! but obviously it didn’t work, because they are still going strong. In tonight’s episode, Kris and Kim just return from their “amazing” honeymoon and we will be blogging all the juicy details LIVE right here.

While you are waiting for tonight’s show, you can catch a little preview HERE.

Here is our official recap:

8 weeks earlier, Kim and Kris just return from their honeymoon. Kim asks Kris if he is excited about going to NY and he flexes his pecks, which is his way of saying yes. The two get on a plane and head to NY. Kourtney booked the biggest room at the Gansevoort Hotel to share the living space with her sister and Kris.

Kim and Kris are on the plane, smooching and she asks him if he is going to get naked to join the mile high club. Kim arrives at the hotel and Kourtney shows them around.

Since getting pregnant, Kourtney really tries not to put any chemicals in her body.

Kris finds out that Kourtney and Scott have seperate bedrooms and finds it really weird. Kris is a free agent while the NBA is locked out and feels that he needs to spend some time training while the girls are busy with work. Kourtney tells them about her Yoga, it helps her to  calm down.

Kim and Kris are putting their stuff away and Kim is having a hard time not having her space all to herself. Scott goes out on the balcony and lights up, Kourtney tells him they are artificial marshmallow cigarettes and she won’t even let him have that.

Mason gets up at 7:00am, wakes up Kris and he’s not happy about it. Kris tries to leave the bed and Kim convinces him to stay in bed with her. Later on, Kim and Kourtney are out, it is Fashion week in NY and they are at the Abbey Dawn show, they get to see Avril Lavigne walk the runway.

Kourtney and Kim arrive back at the hotel with holistic and organic food, which nobody else seems to like. Back in the bedroom, Kim tells Kris to start cleaning up his stuff, she is a neat freak and can’t stand the mess. Kourtney interjects and tells Kim that she is annoying.

Kourtney and Scott head to dinner, they are arguing – Scott tells her that he can’t stand the ‘no smoking’ thing. Scott keeps reminiscing about when he and Kourtney were closer, before Mason was born.

It is important for Kris to bond with Mason, she loves when he picks him up and confesses that she believes he is going to be a good father one day.

Kourtney wants to take Kim to the spa, she tells her that it will help with her psoriasis. Kourtney has a surprise in store for Kim, she wants her to get an oil enema. Kim refuses, but Kourtney goes ahead and gets one.

Kim gets back to the hotel and tells Kris all about it. Kris tells her and Kourtney that it was a gimick, Kourtney goes on to tell him about the enema when all of a sudden she leaks on the bed. Meanwhile Kris gets up and steps on Kim’s toe and ruins her pedicure – she is furious and starts yelling at him.

Kim talks Kris into going to a ‘Welcome to NY’ party and while she and Kurtney are taking too long to get ready, Kris starts shaving Scott’s underarms. In the car, Kris is already asking Kim how long they have to be at the party. Kris is not comfortable doing the red carpet, he realizes with all the people there, he is not going to get out early and he has to workout in the morning. Meanwhile, Kim is constantly trying to get Kris by his side, but he is somewhere else texting and keeps asking her when they can get out of there. Kourtney watches Scott casually drinking, but keeps a close eye on him. Scott just wants to party and Kourtney just wants to go back and be with her son. He embarasses her in front of their friends, when he tells her to walk home and leaves in  the car.

The next day, Kris is working out and really feels that he is not in his training element and maybe sacrificing his career for being in NY.

Kourtney is ticked off with Scott, she lays into him and he tells her that he is tired of her abuse and he is going home. Kourtney goes to Kris for advice for what to do with Scott and he tells her that he can’t live with two girls and a baby, so if it’s not Scott, it better be someone else. Scott calls Jonathan Cheban and tells him that he left Kourtney, so he heads over there for some advice and Jonathan tells him that Kourtney sounds like she is putting him on a tight leash.

Kim tries to get Kourtney’s mind off of everything, so she takes her to their store Dash. Kourtney calls a meeting and tells Kim they are all doing Yoga that night, it is naked Yoga and she won’t take no for an answer.

That night, the Yoga instructor arrives and takes off his clothes. Kourtney tells the girls that everyone has to show one body part, boobs, ass or vijayjay. The girls can’t keep a straight face, but the instructor is serious. Kris arrives and finds the naked guy, he calls it disgusting and wonders if it is a practical joke. He calls out Kim, but tells the instructor that he has a nice ass. Kris is furious and tells Kim that Kourtney is a weirdo and he wants her to move out. Kris shouts out that if the naked instructor sat on the couch they better spray it with antibacterial cleaner. Kris blows his top and leaves the apartment, but at least Kim didn’t take her clothes off.

Kris calls his friend Josh and tells him to meet him at a bar. He tells him about the naked yoga, doesn’t see the difference between that and a strip club. Kris tells his friend that it is not working out, he needs to make a change. He arrives back at the apartment later on, he tells Kim that he loves her very much, but  the playpen, the Scott issue, Mason, he can’t do this – he needs to go to Minnesota to work out properly. Kim tells him that she just doesn’t get it, they are going to live separately. She thinks on it then tells him that she will support him no matter what he has to do. Kourtney starts to realize that she is causing the stress between Kim and Kris, she goes to tell him and finds that his bags are packed. She goes on to apologize, then leaves the couple to say their goodbyes in private.


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