Rihanna’s ‘Talk That Talk’ Album Are All Hit Singles


Well, we haven’t heard every single song on the album yet but from what we have heard, we are actually surprised on how good they are and we can not wait to get out hands on the album ourselves. But it wasn’t us who is saying that her album is going to be full of hits, it’s actually get management who chose the songs that would make the record with Rihanna herself and seeing that We Found Love has already gone to number 1, we’re not doubting them.

One member, close to the singer says: “When we were deciding the tracks to put on there, I wasn’t thinking about minutes and seconds,” Brown added. “I just wanted to make sure it was all hits. I think you become disposable when you put out an album every three years,” he continues.

For singer, Tinie Tempah who opened the show for Rihanna’s gigs over the past month in the UK is not so happy with the decision on bringing out an album every single year. Talking to a reporter, he says: “With all due respect, she doesn’t write all her own songs,” Tempah said. “So it’s easy to make six albums in six years.”

What do you think? Will Talk That Talk be a huge hit?


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