Suburgatory Episode 8 Preview: Thanksgiving

Last week was the 7th episode of “Suburgary” titled “Sweet Sixteen”. Tessa wanted a small birthday party but Dallas convinces her to let Dalia plan the ultimate party and she goes a little overboard. Did you miss my the episode? If so, you can catch the full recap HERE.

Suburgatory Thanksgiving

In the eighth and upcoming episode next week, it is Thanksgiving. Tessa is depressed about spending another Thanksgiving in the suburbs talks Dallas into spending the day in the city rather than have to endure it, but Tessa loses her cool when she spots her father with a woman after he said he had to work. Meanwhile, Lisa is upset about wearing a dress her mother picked out for her to wear to dinner. Stay tuned Wednesday, November 23rd at 8:30pm for the full recap.

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