DeStorm Ft. Talib Kweli ‘Finally Free’ is Amazing

DeStorm Ft. Talib Kweli ‘Finally Free’

DeStorm is a very popular and well known rapper on Youtube, I’m actually subscribed to him. I must admit this song is the best he’s put out yet, he truly shows that he’s a rapper that deserves to make it big and be respected. Also getting Talib Kweli on one of is songs is damn lucky, I was incredibly excited when I heard this.

First the hook is just amazing, DeStorm unlike many rappers today has an amazing voice. Honestly, just listening to him gave me a chill down my spine. The meaning behind this song is inspiring, it simply says that at times you need help and once you receive it, times start to get better.

DeStorm not only can sing but rap on the same levels as his voice. His lyrics are so great, his word play just phenomenal I loved the line “Now whose better then the 9th letter huh? Fuckin’ right I entertain.” Talib Kweli also great, and liked the combination of these together. Talib said one thing that really hit me and I realized was true, “rappers these days, to boring.” Without a doubt this is absolutely true, the people we hear on the radio now a days really have no content.

This song for sure is something that everyone should absolutely listen to, DeStorm and Talib Kweli deliver a message that is honestly beautiful. I love how DeStorm, he ends it with saying how we should represent the most important person in the world and says “you.”

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