Kevin Federline: “I’m Happy For Britney Spears”

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Kevin Federline has publicly spoken out on how he feels about Britney Spears‘ engagement to Jason Trawick last week. The former dancer and ex-husband of the singer revealed to Glamour that the kids tell him that they are very happy around Trawick and that he couldn’t be happier for Spears.

Federline says: “I’m really happy for her – I think he’s a great guy.She’s happy; she’s doing really well. I want to say she’s in a good place. I haven’t spoken to her much since I’ve been over here [in Australia], both of us have been busy with her being on tour, but I do know from talking to the kids and talking to the kids’ teachers that they’re doing really good.”

The engagement to Trawick seemed much more ‘peaceful’ than the one to Kevin back in 2004 as Mother Lynne was against the marriage; Brit’s relationship with Lynne became so distraught that they didn’t speak for years – until the divorce. According to Lynne, Kevin is to blame for the meltdown Britney suffered in the period of 2006-2007.


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