Kourtney and Kim Take New York Season 2, Episode 3, 12/11/2011 RECAP live

Kourtney and Kim Take NY

Tonight is an all new episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York’s second season. The third episode Kim gives Kourtney advice on her marriage to Scott after she finds that he has porn on his computer. Kim’s advise is to get a video on lesbian porn and for Kourtney and Scott to make out while watching it.

Kim’s decision to get off birth control leads to unexpected complications with Kris H who is not ready to take that step. Meanwhile, Kris J finds a surprising new friend in Scott when she visits NYC to tape the Today Show.

RECAP: Kourtney and Kim are sitting on a bed talking about Kourtney’s relationship and Kim tells her to buy a lesbian porn movie and make out while watching it, Kourtney tells her that she is not taking advice from her.

Kim and Kris are out on a rooftop terrace and she tells him that she thinks it’s time to get off her birth control because she is 30 years old and she is ready for it. Kris doesn’t think it’s time to discuss this…but then he has second thoughts and tells her that he is excited about it.

Scott and Kourtney are out having lunch and he feels she is annoyed at the porn thing, but he tells her… if he’s not getting it at home, then he has to get it somewhere. He starts to go into detail, about girl on girl, then tells her that he knows she made out with girls already so what’s the big deal. Scott goes so far as calling her a lesbian.

Back at home, Kim and Kris are watching Mason when he and Kim have a screaming contest. Kourtney’s Mom, Kris. J. visits them at their apartment and asks Kourtney to go with her in the morning to the Today show. Kourtney turns her down because she’s go too much on her plate. Kris. J. asks where Kim is  and Kourtney and Scott tell her that Kim is with the dog, her husband Kris. Kourtney volunteers Scott to go the the Today show with Kris. J.

Kris is hanging out with a few of his friends at a restaurant for dinner and they both tell him that he has to focus, put his priorities in place.

Kris. J. pops over to see Kim and tells her that she can’t believe she’s married. Meanwhile, Kim is really excited to tell her mom that she is going off birth control. Her mom looks very concerned and asks her if she has given the matter any thought. Kris.J. is clearly against the whole ‘wanting to get pregnant’ thing. Kim calls her mom ridiculous, then walks out on her and goes to bed.

Kris. J. wakes up Scott at 5:45am so that he go to the Today show with her, she get up on the bed and starts jumping up and down.  At the studio, Kris. J. gets all blinged out and Scott tells her that Kourtney doesn’t appreciate material things like her (like it’s a terrible thing).

Kim discusses her baby plans with Kourtney who is all for it. Meanwhile, at the studio, Scott gets put on the hot seat about he and Kourtney not being married.

Kourtney heads to a fashion show for Alice and Olivia because they carry the line at Dash. Kourtney is with her friends and shares her story about Scott’s extreme interest in porn, girl on girl.

Kris.J. is at lunch with Scott and tells her that Kourtney doesn’t really have a life outside of Mason. Kris.J. asks him why Kourtney sleeps with Mason and Scott tells her he doesn’t know why, then confesses he hasn’t had sex in one year at night.

Meanwhile, Kris meets up with Kim and she asks him where does he think they will raise kids. He wants to raise them in Minnesota and she says she is never going to live there, ever. He tells her that she is going to have to cut out some things if she is going to have children ad he doesn’t want a nanny raising their kids. He then tells her to look at her sister Kourtney, she slowed down and spends her time with Mason. She tells him that she wants to be able to work and raise her kids in LA, his response is that by the time she has kids people probably won’t care about her anymore (you go Kris, woot woot).

Kim is at lunch with her friend, Lala and tells her about wanting to get off birth control. Lala tells her that she thinks it’s too fast, she should enjoy being married for awhile. Kim tells her that Kris wants her to quit her life and move to Minnesota eventually and she doesn’t want to ever live there. Lala suggest that Kim speak to Kris about it and clear the air.

Kris. J. is leaving, she tells Kourtney that Kim is mad at her about the whole birth control thing. Scott is alone with Kourtney, he tells her that they could find a nice girl, offer a couple of glasses of wine and maybe they can all fool around.

Kris meets up with Scott when he is feeding Mason and discusses children with him. Scott tells him that his life has changed and so will Kris and Kim’s life if they get pregnant.

Kourtney and Scott go out to a club where Kourtney, after many cocktails, starts to loosen up. Scott moves in on her fun and wants to go home, in the car he tells Kourtney that he can’t believe that she would actually just take a random girl home with them.

Kris goes into the bathroom when Kim is having a bath and he apologizes to her and further adds that he wants kids right away.

Kourtney and Scott are alone in bed and he tells her that she’s his best friend and doesn’t want anything other than her. Kim calls her mom and tells her that she is going to stay on the pill, this is what she wants, she’s not ready and will tell Kris when the time is right.

Kris is probing Kourtney with pregnancy questions when he calls Kim into the room…..until next week.


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