Mariah Carey: ‘No Stretchmarks’, Luck, Exercise or Good Docs?

Mariah Carey

Stretch marks and twin pregnancy kind of go hand in hand, especially if you make it to full term with two babies like 41-year old, Mariah Carey did when she gave birth on April 30th of this year to fraternal twins via C-section. It’s usually just a matter of how bad the stretch marks will be depending on if you used expensive creams or laser therapy. One thing is for sure, giving birth to twins at full term and having a flat stomach afterwards, is nothing short of an impossible miracle.

The award winning singer is now wearing a black bikini and slit-to-the-thigh skirt after reportedly losing 30 lbs from Jenny and 40lbs from water retention, in a new advertising for her weight loss system Jenny (formerly known as Jenny Craig).

It’s nice to encourage your fans to eat right and get fit but let’s be serious here for a minute, there is no way Carey got that flat stomach from nature and it’s really sad to make people think that they can achieve the same results after giving birth to multiples from exercise alone. What do you think, is it luck, exercise or good docs? Take a look at the photo below just before Carey gave birth, you be the judge.

Mariah Carey Huge Baby Bump


  1. Gigi says:

    Now you know you are not be honest and really so what, you need to keep it real. I can’t believe that the public would think you didn’t have a tummy tuck. First of all the obvious sign is your belly button you can see it is a replace one and not natural. Meaning that part has been replace by doing it over and pulling skin over it. You can only repair but so much, so I bet you would not lower your skirt, pants, etc to expose your pelvic area. Why do you and others like you just don’t keep it reall, money pays for alit when you can afford it. I would if I could spend it without sacrificing other things. I damn sure wouldn’t deny it either. Why not but to let people think you work it off really there is no such thing that you can lose excessive weight and the loose skin gets tight. Keep it real! Not hating just making a point! Or a fact!

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