The Biggest Loser Season 12 Episode 12 ‘Marathon Week’ Recap 12/06/11

Biggest Loser

Tonight all the contestants return to run a marathon with one lucky winner of tonight’s race, for the first time in the show’s history, will automatically secure them a place as a finalist. The stakes are higher than ever and the pressure is on because there is extra pressure tonight, there’s extra incentive because the first five players who finish the race will also get to split $50,000.

The only way to guarantee a spot in the finals is to win this marathon or be one of the contestants who stay above the red line at the weigh-in.

At the end of tonight’s show, the three finalists of season 12 will be revealed.

Did you see last week’s episode when it was makeover week? If not, you can read the full recap HERE.

RECAP; First we head to Benton, Arizona, where Becky goes home and is greeted by all her loved ones. Next is Knoxville, Texas where Antone meets up with his family at the stadium where he spent a lot of his life. On to Mesa, Arizona where John heads to the local school and shocks his family. The last one to go home is Vinny to Nashville, Tennessee and he surprises his family by coming out on stage and singing for his friends and family, which reduces everyone to tears.

Becky shares with everyone that she has lost 66 pounds, but tells everyone it was the hardest thing she has ever done. John told everyone that he was a food addict, he has a long way to go to feel good and healthy the rest of his days on this earth. Antoine tells everyone that it is all real and hard work. Vinny tells everyone that all his life he made bad decisions, but after a lot of hard work and exercise and if you keep saying you are going to start next Monday, you will never start.

The final four sit down with their families to watch a video that Allison gave them. First the trainers congratulate the final four and then show them footage of when they first arrived on the ranch and how unhappy they were with their weight, lots of tears watching all the sad stories.

Vinny surprises Lori and takes her to the Grand Ole Opry and proposes to her on stage, she accepts. Antone takes is whole family to the gym and shows them how to work out together, by him bench pressing his children.

Bob surprises Vinny and visits him at home, where he has his overweight brother Shane visiting. Bob takes it upon himself to speak to him and give him words of encouragement.

Dolvett goes to visit John at home who tells him that she lost his focus a bit and his wife is helping him stay on track. Bob surprises Becky by visiting her in her class, she has gone back to teaching. Bob then goes and surprises Antone to check on him and finds he is at the stadium working out. All the final four get a last workout with the trainers.

The four final contestants arrive at the marathon, back to where they started when they had to run the first mile. The marathon is 26.2 miles and the only way to guarantee a spot in the finals is to beat the 11 eliminated players. Everyone gets off the bus and they look fantastic, all contestants have to line up in order of the number on their shirts. Alison announces that Walgreens is offering a prize to winners, the fifth place finisher will win $2500, the fourth $5000, the third $7500, the second $10,000 and first place $25,000. Bonnie opts out of the race as she is going for knee surgery in a week.

The trainers all surprise the contestants by running a bit of the marathon with them for support. Courtney is in the lead with Ramon behind her. Mile 9 and all the contestants are feeling it, except for Ramon, who is really doing well and passes Courtney.

The conditions start to change as the wind picks up, 30-40 mile winds with sand blowing in their faces, hitting their arms and legs, just burning. Three hours into the marathon and John catches up to Courtney, but she is determined not to let him pass her and they are at mile 19. Vinny is pulled at mile 20 by Dr. Rob, he is in bad shape. Next, Dr. Rob checks on Joe who is in excruciating knee pain and pulls him but causes Joe to have a breakdown, he just wanted to finish the race.

Ramon is coming up to mile 25 and he knows Courtney is right behind him. At mile 26, Ramon starts to sprint, he crosses the finish line at five hours and five minutes, he is guaranteed a spot in the finale. Courtney comes in second, John is third at 5:15. Jessica finishes fourth at 5:17, Patrick is in fifth place. The top five are done and will win their money from Walgreens.

Sunny places sixth, Jennifer seventh, Antone eighth, Mike ninth, Johnny and Debbie end together in the dark.

It’s time for the final weigh in on campus and Ramon is the only person guaranteed a spot in the finals. Becky is up first, when she went home she weighed 173 pounds, she lost 10 pounds, or 5.81%. Vinny weighed 314 pounds when he went home, he lost 28 pounds, or 8.92%, John weighed 296 pounds when he went home, he lost 29 pounds, or 9.80% and pushes Becky out of the finals. Antone is the last one to weigh in, he weighed 323 pounds, he lost 30 pounds, 9.29%. Vinny has been eliminated and along with Beckey, he gets to compete for the at home prize of $100,000.00.

The final three are; Ramon, John, Antone

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