‘Wrath of the Titans’ Is Promising (trailer and poster)


Wrath of the Titans is a sequel to the movie called Clash of the Titans. I saw the first one in theatres and it was alright could have been better really, then I saw this trailer and my mind was officially f*cking blown.

The story takes place a year after Perseus defeated the enormous Kraken, now he’s trying to live a simple life as a fisherman with his 10-year old son Helius. While this is going on the Gods and Titans are fighting for supremacy, The Gods are weaker due to the peoples like of devotion, making the God lose control of the Titans in prison. Kronos is one of these Titans imprisoned.

The trailer for this looked amazing, the new monsters that Perseus will be fighting look so awesome I can’t explain it. For example the Minotaur, Cyclops, Lava Giant and more, come on that’s just to cool I can’t wait to see how these creatures will be defeated.

Once again this movie looks like it’s going to be action pack, I probably will see it theatres I’m a sucker for movies with mythical beasts in it.

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