Kris Humphries Intends To Make Kim Kardashian’s Dirty Secrets Public (Photo)

Kris Humphries Intends To Make Kim Kardashian's Dirty Secrets Public (Photo)

According to Life & Style Magazine, the diabolical Kris Humphries is plotting to enact his revenge on his estranged wife Kim Kardashian by making their divorce as spectacular an event as their televised wedding!

Reportedly, not only is Kris is hoping to force Kim to testify on TV during their divorce trial, but he’s also planning to reveal all of the secrets he knows about her life, including the fake, scripted aspects of her reality shows, her trips to the plastic surgeon’s office and even details about their non-existent sex life!

Kim’s freaking out,” a source told the magazine. “All of her dirty laundry will be aired and there is a lot to air. Kim is a calculating person who does things to benefit her wallet. That’s her top priority! Everything will come out in court — even their sex life.

Kris is also supposedly planning on suing Kim’s mom and manager, Kris Jenner, because he feels that she favored Kim and didn’t treat him fairly, when making business deals for the couple while they were newlyweds.

To find out more about Kim’s trip to Miami and her divorce from Kris Humphries– pick up the current issue of Life & Style Magazine for all the details!


  1. Ray says:

    Good for him, He predicted that the TV show was going to start showing him as a bad guy and that’s what they did, since they (Kim and Pimp Mom)decided to air their dirty laundry on TV then he has every right to show the world what we already know, that these people are fake, and shallow. Pimp Mom has already proven that she will drop any name to get herself press. She used the OJ Murders to push her book, the woman who’s husband made all the incriminating OJ evidence disappear. They are all scum and its about time someone put them in their place. GO KRIS!

  2. Patricia says:

    Why is Kris “diabolical”? Because he tells the truth? Kim K. is a pig, she took Kris for a ride. She deserves every bit of truth-telling that he dishes out. GOOD FOR YOU, KRIS!!!

  3. MommyG says:

    Kris is acting like a little “B.” Man up, leave Kim alone. Let her be happy, because you sure couldn’t make her happy! Move on and stop trying to take a woman’s money you jerk! Kim, you are beautiful and deserve to be happy!

    • Susan says:

      Really? How sad. This trainwreck of a family is an American embarrassment. We have enough of that, thank you! The Kardashians should just GO AWAY!!!

    • rmd731 says:

      MommyG ENOUGH!!!!!! ARGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!! These people show no worth to anyone not even within the family..come on wake the hell america send them packing they are NOT caring about you and your problems …fade far away into the dam sunset…

  4. Phrugall says:

    OK, so the Ks are fake and shallow. Kim took him for a ride. What else is new? He cannot be so naive he didn’t know those things going in. He got money and publicity too. This poo-flinging contest just shows he’s no better than they are.

  5. jake says:

    This guy needs to let let it go.
    He needs counseling so he can move on before someone gets hurt.

    • Susan says:

      How about if the lying Kardashian clan shuts their mouths about HIM? Then maybe he’d go away quietly. You lie down with dogs……

  6. pattycake says:

    Yay for Kris H. She and Pimp Mama deserve everything he will throw at them. Why shouldn’t he? He was totally used by the Kartrashians.

    Go Hump, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- Kick her fat ass all the way! Give Kanye a kcik for me too!

  7. hammie says:

    Good for Kris! She used him & then got ride of him as fast as you would yesterday garbage. I hope he takes her for everything she’s worth! I’m so damn tired of the damn Kardashians. Hate them. Their all gold diggers. Prayer the Jenner kids grow up to be better!

  8. tish says:

    Mommy G, seriously, Kim and her mother can never be made happy by a man. Its all about fame and money. They are fame whores.Have you watched as Momma has treated Bruce like a doormat and could care less about his feelings, well Kim is a selfish,self centered, greedy,bitch who treats people like just like her mother. They are both going to be exposed for exaclty what and whom they are. He has every right to be angry for the way he was disposed of.Kris hang in there someone will make you happy and accept you for who you are.

  9. Dee says:

    BOTH of them are nut jobs—what a freak show

  10. Strangebrew says:

    YES! Way to go Kris H! All these fans of this fame whore need to know exactly how she REALLY feels about her fans! That truth will come out! I despise this family because they are all SCRIPTED phonys! Kim, admitted for being famous because of a sex tape that pimp mama released. This is not a family that should be idolized…dumb @ss fans! Anyone that defends them…deserves them….good luck with that…nice morals

    • No Surprise says:

      SHOCK! Reality TV SCRIPTED??? NOOOO Say it isn’t SO! But it’s called “REALITY” LOLOLOLOL He didn’t know with what he was involved ? That this plastic, UGLY witch who gained notoriety from getting her legs spread on the internet was going to be a sweet, loving wifie? From the show’s ads alone you could see what she is. He’s as stupid as a slug running to salt! his sport team should fire him as a liability. She got famous from a sex tape and her father getting off a(n alleged) criminal when anyone with a brain could interpret the evidence (though I have to say that I didn’t know this “fame whore” was until someone told me), it’s obvious she’s scrapping the bottom of the sludge barrel. Her mother ‘leaked’ the tape, she should have been arrested, and since she was a slut also, cheating on her husband, WHY is ANYone surprised by this crap? WHY is WE TV showing this sludge, and such crap like it, e.g., Bridzillas, Kendra on Top (of whom, errrr, what?)??? WE TV has become TrASH – (“Wacked Entertainment”?). WE TV was supposed to be TV shows uplifting & empowering women, but instead it is Misogynistic; it exploits the worst types of women, self-centered, arrogant, nasty, EVIL, trashy whores. WE TV is an example of how women should NOT be. WHY are women watching this demeaning network? Why is anyone watching this crap and this network? BOYCOTT the advertisers of this network, of these shows, call WE network and demand they rip these shows off the air and make a commitment to good valued programming.
      Lastly, Kris Humphries should sue this magazine for defamation of character for calling him diabolical.

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