Mad Men’s Jon Hamm Covers March 2012 Esquire Magazine

Mad Men's Jon Hamm Covers March 2012 Esquire Magazine

Mad Men star Jon Hamm graces the March 2012 cover of Esquire Magazine.   Below is a glimpse of the interview in the magazine:

Little-known fact: Jon Hamm owns four eagles. They sit on separate perches in his backyard. Four species of eagle: golden, tawny, Spanish Imperial, and short-toed snake.

Previously unknown: Every morning, these eagles are fed, then rotated by a robed assistant whose sole duty is to judge which of these regal birds looks most like Jon Hamm on that particular day before placing said eagle on the left-most perch. The remaining eagles are also ranked by their resemblance that day, from left to right. This puts the eagle that looks the least like Jon Hamm on a given day in shadow once the sun goes behind Hamm’s enormous seven-story garage. Amazingly, in the twelve years Hamm’s lived here, the same eagle has sat in the shadows on consecutive days only three times. Incredible.

For more on this interesting interview visit Esquire Magazine here!


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