Kanye West Is Kim Kardashian’s Fashion Of The Month

Kayne West Is Kim Kardashian’s Fashion Of The Month

Kim Kardashian has finally hooked up with someone as repulsive as she, Kanye West.  The two are becoming inseparable and rumors are flying that Kayne is Kim’s latest capture.  Kim sat in the front row at Kanye Paris Fashion Week show yesterday.

Let’s give a few reasons why the two make the perfect couple.  Firstly they share an unbounded conceit – they are both convinced that they are just so special.  Next is their unbounded arrogance – imagine that those two slobs have fashion lines???  They know as much about fashion as Hulk Hogan knows about sex tapes… hey wait a minute!  But most importantly they are absolute whores who will do anything for money.

Bang reports:  Kim in the past was rumoured to have dated the rapper – enjoyed an up-close view of his second collection in the French capital, which featured large amounts of fur, leather and sleek, dark eyes.

He also used crocodile skin and fox fur bags.  Kim was joined at the show by friend of Kanye’s P. Diddy – who himself has previously turned his hand to fashion.   Meanwhile, Louis Vuitton’s show featured a train station feel – completed with a giant clock and a railway with a train – heavy with luggage and easy-wear jackets in shades of brown and blue.

The models emerged from the locomotive complete with their own porter
holding handbags and luggage.  Sarah Jessica Parker and Catherine Deneuve were among the celebrities there to watch the show, and the ‘Sex and the City’ actress proclaimed it as “wonderful”. The fashionable star said: “It was one of the great triumphs of all time. It was cinema, it was literature. It was wonderful!”

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