Jenelle Evans Goes Public About Her Relationship With Kieffer Delp

Last night, Teen Mom 2′s Jenelle Evans, 20, went public about her relationship with Kieffer Delp, 22, for the first time since she got off of probation and the first time since Kieffer’s release from jail.

“Look, I’ve hanged my bad ways, so has [Kieffer],” she tweeted last night. “U guys gave me a chance to turn around and I did so give him that chance. @confidence117k has a job making $2000 every 2 weeks, has a car, has been clean off of drugs, got his GED, and starting college next fall. If he ends up [expletive] up again or if I end up [expletive] up again then we weren’t meant to be…”

Jenelle also says her mother, Barbara Evans, is giving Kieffer a second chance.

Will one of them blow it? Time will tell. To keep up with all the latest on Teen Mom 2, you can follow me on Twitter @ByLindseyD.

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