Teen Mom 2′s Jenelle Evans Gets Off Probation

Jenelle Evans, the 20 year old troubled reality star for MTV’s Teen Mom 2, is officially a free woman. Her year-long probation was lifted yesterday.

She is now free to smoke all the pot, which she was unable to do while on probation due to mandatory and random drug testing. She is also now free to see however she wants, including her current boyfriend, Kieffer Delp, 22, who she was forbidden to see due to her probation restrictions that she not be in the presence of any known drug user.

The couple was initially thought to be done for good after Kieffer went to prison in November and Jenelle began a relationship with Gary Head, a 23 year old Marine but that all changed in March, when Kieffer was released from prison. Jenelle broke up with Gary soon after and credible rumors began to circulate that Jenelle and Kieffer were back together, but due to her probation restrictions, their relationship has been somewhat of an open secret the past few weeks.

The couple have a long history of dramatic ups and downs including brushes with the law and public break-ups, so stay tuned folks! This could get interesting!

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