Fit Fab Celeb Exclusive: Marc Eliot’s Michael Douglas Biography Review and Giveaway

Fit Fab Celeb Exclusive: Marc Eliot’s Michael Douglas Biography Giveaway

Marc Elliot  is a New York Times bestselling author of more than a dozen books, among them are many highly acclaimed biographies released with one of his most recent biographies just last month on Academy Award winning actor, Michael Douglas.

The book reveals how Michael forged through a difficult and troubled childhood living in his movie legend father, Kirk Douglas‘s shadow to become a successful award winning actor and producer. Being a child of a Hollywood star is not easy with many before and after Michael having been cursed with failure. Learn how Michael overcame obstacles and hardships with his uncanny determination, all the way back to his early childhood to his failed marriage, his stormy relationship with his father and his fight with throat cancer.

What made the book worthwhile for me was the relationship between father and son and how Michael overcame his father’s shadow in being one of the greatest male American screen legends of all time. It was truly an inspirational biography and definitely recommended as a worthwhile read.

HERE’S YOUR CHANCE TO WIN: a copy of Marc Eliot’s Michael Douglas biography. We are giving away three copies to our lucky readers.

TO WIN: Send us an email to and tell us what was the first movie Michael ever made with his friend, Danny DeVito. Be sure to include your correct name and email address, so that we can let you know you won!

GIVEAWAY DEADLINE: The winner be chosen by Friday, August 15th, 2012.

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