Bad Meets Evil ft. Bruno Mars ‘Lighters’ Music Video is Amazing

Recently a music video of the song Lighters was released and I believe it’s a great representation of Eminem and Royce’s lyrics. It basically shows how in the past they used to both be suffering, Eminem with his drug problems and Royce with being left as an underground rapper, also how the beef between each other was really a stupid mistake that shouldn’t of happened. So in the beginning it shows Eminem and Royce at the worst, Eminem with his hair bleached and Royce in jail. Then for most of the video it showed them underground representing how at these times both rappers were at their lowest. Leading too the end where they are both together out of this suffocating mental prison, too a fresh new start where they are giving 110% too rap. [Read more...]

2011 MTV Music Awards: Bruno Mars Performing, Who Cares?

 Bruno Mars, was recently featured on Eminem‘s Lighters and was honestly not that great, check it out HERE. Hopefully the 25 year old will have more to offer when he performs with big names like Adele, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown at the August 28th event.


Eminem ‘Lighters’ Sketchy

Lighters features both Bruno Mars and Royce Da 5’9. Starting with the chorus, I really can’t say anything about it because I’ve never liked Bruno Mars all that much, so of course I’d never say anything great about him. One thing I don’t feel, [Read more...]