Golden Voice Ted Williams ‘Flies The Coop’

Homeless man, Ted Williams, against the advice of medical staff, left the medical treatment facility, Origins Recovery Center in South Texas that was arranged by Dr. Phil and is heading for the airport, reported by TMZ.

Lindsay Lohan Steps Out Of Rehab For lip injections

Lindsay is having the time of her life in rehab. Lots of time for going out on the town, lip injections and who knows what she did to her eyes since she feels a need to cover up in the middle of the night! I don’t think this “rehab” is what the judge had in mind when he sentenced her. Chances are that we will all be back here within 6 months, talking about the same old Lindsay when she is doing her 6th attempt at rehab. All Lindsay does is mock the justice system and all those people who are really trying to get better. Disgusting!

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