Elvis’ Granddaughter Beats Lindsay Lohan

Elvis Presley‘s granddaughter Riley Keough has beat out Lindsay Lohan for the leading lady role in Steven Soderbergh’s new movie about male strippers. Keough will play the girlfriend of British actor Alex Pettyfer’s exotic dancer character in Magic Mike. Yesterday Fit Fab reported that Matthew MCConaughey will play a stripper-turned-club owner in the film, which is inspired by actor Channing Tatum’s experiences as a Florida stripper before his acting career took off, shooting begins this fall in Tampa, Florida.


Michael Jackson Beats Elvis With New CROWN

The Michael Jackson estate has another crown to add to the mantle on behalf of Michael – who is nearing the second anniversary of his death, he has now been crowned the Greatest Singer Of All Time in a new poll.  

The Thriller superstar passed away June 25th, 2009 when he suffered a cardiac arrest brought on by an overdose of Propofol. I don’t know who has more fans, Jackson or Elvis, but Jackson’s gathered together in higher numbers and have honoured the late superstar by voting him into the top place in a new Nme.com poll. Other nominees were Freddie Mercury and Elvis Presley.

Tupac Fighting Crime Alongside Elvis and Bruce Lee

Comeback Kings is a new comic book that celebrates Celebrity Hero Mythology. Imagine Tupac, Elvis and Bruce Lee, all not dead, but fighting crime along side each other! That’s the premise of Comeback Kings

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Will Michael Jackson Surpass Elvis?

It’s often said that artists are worth more dead than alive,  Michael Jackson is no different.

According to TMZ, MJ’s estate has made more than $310 million since he died in 2009. He owed more than $400 million in various debts when he died and the estate has already made back three quarters.

There are more than 65 creditor’s claims with some of the debt accruing “extremely high” interest rates, along with several lawsuits in multiple countries.

Deceased celebrity estates make great investments, obviously the Jackson family are already well aware of that!