TONIGHT: Martin Sheen says that Obama’s ‘the only adult in the room’

Emilio Estevez and dad Martin Sheen

Tonight Martin Sheen will appear on Joy Behar to clear up previous statements in which he criticized the Obamas. Sheen appeared with son Emilio Estevez, who like his father is known for voicing his political opinions. Yet neither of them seemed to have ill feelings towards the President during the interview. Instead Sheen revealed:

“I adore [Obama]… he hasn’t gotten much help. Have they focused on the real problem? How about corporate America sharin some of its profits and investing back in the country. They talk about patriotism and they’re more interested in profit. That’s where the problem lies… Obama is still the only adult in the room. And the smartest guy.”
You can watch the SNEAK PEEK Below:

Charlie Sheen: The Picture of Happinessre

Charlie Sheen was seen out with his brothers,  Emilio Estevez and Ramon Estevez with their father Martin Sheen at the AARP Movies for Grownups Film Festival on Friday night in LA looking fabulously happy posing on the red carpet.

Last week, Two and a Half Men aired without Sheen and completely bombed in my opinion and that is not the only last laugh he is getting. Sheen is set to receive a reported $100 million US dollars for wrongful dismissal from the show – that’s a reason to be smiling!