DWTS Louis Van Amstel Wants To Inspire You

DWTS Louis Van Amstel Wants To Inspire You

Ballroom dance champion and Emmy nominated choreographer, Louis Van Amstel, is probably best know for his stunning dance moves on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars”. Louis has been with the popular reality dance program since season one and returned this week for the 15th season with  partner Sabrina Bryan.

Louis still has his eye on the prize, the coveted “Mirror Ball Trophy” which he has yet to win and perhaps this may just be the season that he takes it home since he is partnered with the most advanced partner.

Louis was actually not on the roster for the current season, Sabrina won the 13th spot by popular vote and the two had to wait until the results came in to reveal to everyone that they would be on the show.

Louis told ABC news that he is very appreciate that he is able to work with Sabrina again, “You have no idea how appreciative I am of having Sabrina as my partner. I’ve loved her ever since I saw her on season 5. Even though I was happy for Mark Ballas that he was paired with Sabrina that season, I was so jealous of him that he got the girl.  It’s also quite ironic that in the five years I’ve known Sabrina, I have worked with her on the “DWTS” tour, I’ve choreographed for her Cheetah Girls’ tour, and we were on the same stage on “Dancing With the Stars: Live in Las Vegas” and yet we’ve never danced together. Now all we do is dance together and I love it. The “Van Bryans” can’t wait to show you what they’ve got!”

Not only is Louis an incredible dancer and choreographer,  he has also appeared in several TV shows, served as creative director and the creator of LaBlast – an innovative partner-free dance fitness program. Last month Louis also announced that he was taking his passion for fitness a step further in launching his first collection of fitness apparel called LVA by Louis Van Amstel.

It is going to be a tough season 15, the celebrities have a tough competition ahead of them, Louis explains, “Every couple will come out strong and dance their hearts out. I also believe the judges will be extra critical on all the dances, since most celebs have gone through an entire season already and have dance experience.”

Louis also mentioned to ABC news that he feels blessed to be doing what he loves so much and he hopes we will all be inspired to pursue our dreams like he did. His leaving school at the age of 16 and getting himself known as a world renown ballroom dancer, choreographer and business man is truly a very inspiring achievement for us. What about you? Does Louis inspire you and are you looking forward to his new fitness apparel as much as we are?

8 Simply Smart Health Habits To Live Smarter And Better

8 Simply Smart Health Habits To Live Smarter And Better

In the current issue of Prevention magazine, 52-year old Dr. Mehmet Oz spoke candidly about how he helps himself and others to feel good every day. Dr. Oz is a cardiothoracic surgeon, author, and television personality who is no stranger to giving good advice on medical issues and personal advice on his daily television show, The Dr. Oz Show.

According to Dr. Oz, there are eight simply very smart health habits that we should be adopting if we want to live to 90 but feel like 60.

 1. Stretch when you wake up in the morning: “Stretching for 10 minutes every morning has a variety of benefits, including decreasing risk of heart attack, alleviating stress, and improving circulation.”

2. Don’t forget to have breakfast: “Our bodies have a biological expectation of a morning meal, so when you skip breakfast, your body gets confused and thinks there’s a famine.”

3. Get their early: “Being 5 minutes late is a small thing that creates big stress, which in turn can cause chronic inflammation and high blood pressure.”

4. Get off your butt: ‘Try replacing couch time with 30 minutes of activity.”

5. Increase intimacy: “Fundamentally, what has always allowed us to weather the storm of stress is social connection”. So, ideally, more sex!

6. Take control of the 3 PM crash: “Food is absorbed in the gut, the small intestine, and then goes to the liver. When we eat more than we need, the excess nutrients are converted into fat.”

7. Don’t get upset about the small things: “We have a limited bank of decision making ability, and we waste it by making too many decisions about small things.”

8. Respect late night, especially the 10PM hour: “There’s a sacredness to sleep that we overlook, and it’s a big problem in America. We set our alarm clocks for morning; we should set them the time at night when we need to start preparing for bed. By 10PM, you’d better be getting ready for sleep, because the average American gets up at 6, and you need your 8 hours.” 

Seems pretty simple, doesn’t it? What kind of changes are you going to make to live smarter and better? Sound off your comments below, we love hearing from you.

Kate Middleton Concentrates On Health & Fitness

Kate Middleton Concentrates On Health & FItness

Leading a fit a healthy lifestyle is not something that is new to Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate enjoyed field hockey and was actually the captain of her team in University and still concentrates hard to stay active and healthy with tennis, swimming, yoga or working out at the gym. At one time it was feared that Kate was actually losing too much weight, but this was at the time when she met Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and the press was hounding her relentlessly. It’s no secret that excessive stress leads can lead to weight loss and sometimes if can even be dangerous.

Kate’s enjoyment for fitness goes far beyond the gym as she also has participated in charity boat races which required training in rowing that improved her cardiovascular fitness. Kate is obviously naturally sporty and regardless of what is going on in her life, or the press for that matter, she still takes the time to maintain her fit lifestyle. Just this past weekend, Kate and William spent the afternoon in the forests of Danum Valley where they climbed 130 foot trees.

Now when it comes to diet, Kate naturally eats healthy to mesh with her active lifestyle. Although, just like the rest of us, Kate does indulge now and then. According to The Examiner, Kate likes to make home made sausage and preserves, “Kate enjoys cooking and often makes homemade sausage links (with her own sausage-maker), and prepares jars of homemade strawberry jam and plum preserves to give out as gifts to family and friends.”

Kate not only inspires us to eat healthy and stay fit, she also wears affordable off-the-rack clothing which makes her fashion choices accessible to everyone, not just the rich and famous.

It’s pretty obvious that Kate concentrates on a fit and healthy lifestyle. What do you do to stay fit and healthy, sound off your comment below, we love to hear from our readers!

DWTS Brooke Burke Flaunts Her Shape

DWTS Brooke Burke Flaunts Her Shape

Dancing with the Stars co-host, Brooke Burke covers the October 2012 issue of Shape USA magazine looking fit, toned and simply fabulous for 41 years old and the mother of four children. Although, Brooke is very honest about having some work done when she revealed that she had breast augmentation in her twenties and a later adjustment, that is where it ends for the fitness fanatic.

Probably best know for hosting Wild On! on the E! network from 1999-2002, Brooke keeps us wondering how she maintains her fit and fabulously toned body – here’s a little of what she shared with Shape in their interview:

“I believe that 95 percent of a healthy lifestyle is what you eat. Exercise is important, obviously, but delicious, nutritious food is what really makes you look and feel glorious. Every Sunday after my Pilates class, I stop by the farmers’ market and stock up on produce. That way I can make soups, salads and stir-fries all week long. Nothing makes you feel sexier than exercising. I did the math and figured out that if you exercise an hour a day, you’re only spending 4 percent of the day working out.”

Wow, no wonder Brooke looks amazing! The new season of Dancing With The Stars starts later this month and contestants are already working on their dance moves in rehearsals. Brooke can certainly offer advice to this season’s hopefuls as she herself won the seventh season with professional dancer, Derek Hough.

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Shape magazine to find out more on how Brooke stays this hot at 41.

Kate Hudson’s Children Are Her Vital Fitness Regime

Kate Hudson's Children Are Her Vital Fitness Regime

Golden Globe actress Kate Hudson walked the red carpet this week for the premiere of Fox Television’s “Glee” at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, California looking absolutely fit and fabulous. Some of Kate’s good looks can certainly be credited to her good genes as her mother, Goldie Hawn, looks absolutely gorgeous at 66 years old.

Kate has two children,  son Ryder Russell Robinson with ex-husband Chris Robinson and Bingham Hawn Bellamy who was born last year, with current husband Matthew Bellamy.

Having two boys requires a lot of energy and a pair of roller skates according to Kate who puts them on when she goes out with energetic 14-month year old that takes after his father.

Contact Music has more:

Kate says, “He went from taking a couple of steps to sprinting… A couple of days before his year birthday he started walking and then, I guess, two days after that he started (running). Ryder plays a lot of soccer and he just started dribbling a soccer ball and it was like, ‘Oh boy, here we go!’ So now I have my roller skates on and he’s just running and into everything. Ryder gets on my back and I’ll have to do sprints with him on my back, and squats – and we laugh our butts off.”

Wow, how awesome is that in having your children being vital to you staying fit? Not only is Kate keeping fit and fab, she is spending an enormous amount of quality time with her children, priceless!

DWTS Louis Van Amstel Branching Out With New Business

DWTS Louis Van Amstel Branching Out With New Business

Ballroom dance champion and Emmy nominated choreographer, Louis Van Amstel, is probably best know for his stunning dance moves on ABC”s “Dancing with the Stars”. Louis joined DWTS in season one when he partnered with The Bachelorette’s Trista Stutter, season two with hostess Lisa Rinna, season three with High School Musical star Monique Coleman, season six with actress Priscilla Presley, season nine with singer Kelly Osbourne, season eleven with Reno 911 star Niecy Nash, season twelve with comedian Margaret Cho, season twelve with reality tv star Kendra Wilkinson and season 15 with Sabrina Bryan.

Louis has yet to win the coveted “Mirror Ball Trophy” but in the upcoming fifteenth season of DWTS his partner is actress and dancer, Sabrina Bryan, Louis is excited and told Good Morning America that for the first time since season twelve, he was partnered with the most advanced partner, “This is the first season I can knock myself out as a dancer, as a choreographer because she’s so good.”

Louis has incredible talents that reach far beyond the ballroom, he has choreographed for shows like So You Think You Can Dance, appeared in several TV shows, served as creative director and the creator of LaBlast – an innovative partner-free dance fitness program.

The DWTS pro is now taking his passion for fitness a step further in launching his first collection of fitness apparel called LVA by Louis Van Amstel.

I think it is amazing that Louis left school at the age of 16, became a world renown ballroom dancer, choreographer and now not only the owner of LaBlast but LVA as well, it’s an amazing and inspiring achievement.

Natalie Portman’s Diet And Fitness Routine

Natalie Portman's Diet And Fitness Routine

Multi award winning actress, Natalie Portman, probably best known as Queen Amidala in the George Lucas film Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, has truly never looked better!

The 31-year old keeps busy with her one year old son and her career is stronger than ever. Natalie is set to appear on the Simpsons episode “Moonshine River”, when it returns on September 30th for its 24th season. She is also currently filming two projects, Knight of Cups and an untitled Terence Malick project.

Natalie started as a vegetarian in her preteen years, then turned vegan and back again to vegetarian when her body craved eggs and diary during her pregnancy. Even though Natalie trained eight hours a day for Black Swan, she is keeping things a lot more realistic these days.

In a recent interview with InStyle UK, Natalie opened up on how she maintains her fit and fabulous look. Here are some highlights:

“I was a Vegan, but I went back to being a vegetarian during my pregnancy. I think you crave comfort foods [when you're pregnant] and I wanted dairy. I lean towards beans and lentils, but I love pasta and bread too. I was really into millefeuille for awhile. It’s flaky and creamy at the same time! Of course, if I feel like I’m packing on the pounds, those are the first foods to go.”

 Staying fit and fab:

“Since filming ‘Black Swan,’ I do different types of exercise, like swimming and dancing for fun. I usually run 3 to 5 times a week. I like the way it makes me feel – it gives me a good energy and focus, and makes me feel better about my body.”

Makeup essential:

” I keep three lipsticks with me, always: one nude, everyday color, plus a red and a plum for dressing up.”

“I think smell is the first strong sense that we have. When I was filming in Tunisia, the kids would come out to me with handfuls of jasmine to buy. Now, I get the whole feeling of the place from that one smell.”

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