Jodie Marsh Flashes Tatts and Cleavage

Former glamour model, Jodie Marsh flashes some toned abs, impressive cleavage and some rather interesting tattoos on her way to the gym today. The 32-year old, not known to be shy, has previously posed topless in many tabloid newspapers.

Is it just me though, or is she just as fulgy as hell in this picture?

Fashionista Kim Kardashian Gets A ‘FUGLY’

Kim Kardashian has been a fashion force to be reckoned with since she landed on reality tv, so I’m kinda wondering what happened yesterday when she launched her new fragrance Kim Kardashian at Debenhams in London. Orange skirt, gold belt, purple top; they are an interesting combination of colors….but they actually work! It is the baring of the mid-drift with the tight belt that surprises me, it actually makes Kim look fat! What do you think, should she get a FUG or a FAB for this outfit?

FUG or FAB? Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes, better known as Mrs. Tom Cruz, attended the Beauty Culture Opening Night at Century City May 19th, 2011. I always considered Katie naturally pretty, but her fashion missteps make her look like a fugly doormat. What do you think? Cast your vote below, does Katie Holmes get a FUG or FAB?