Celebrity Apprentice Season 11 – Finale – Who Wins?

After a season of cat fights, volcanic arguments erupting and contestants walking away – the 11th season of Celebrity Apprentice comes to a close tonight and Donald Trump chooses his winner.  If you missed last week’s episode head over HERE to catch up and find out how John and Marlee got to the final two!  Country singer John Rich and actress Marlee Matlin will face off for the title Sunday night with the winner earning $250,000 for his/her charity and the title of Celebrity Apprentice.

As the task continues, the finalists rush to prepare for their 7UP Retro events. One finalist’s team is frustrated by their leader’s lack of direction. The other finalist introduces Def Leppard before the band is ready to appear, creating an awkward break in their event. Here’s our recap: [Read more...]