Kim Kardashian, Kate Middleton Most Searched People On Google UK

kim and princess

It wasn’t a real shock to find out that Kate Middleton made the list, after marrying Prince William back in April, earlier this year. But seeing, Kim Kardashian is quite a surprise. The two gorgeous women were the most searched people on the Google UK search platform – naming Kim the most searched celebrity.

Note, Kardashian only managed to scoop first place after marrying, then divorcing Kris Humphries which sparked fury to a lot of fans in Britain. Meanwhile, Victoria Beckham held on to to the second spot after she gave birth to her daughter, Harper Seven in the summer followed by Emma Watson in third place.

The USA Google search results are to be released later this week and our money is definitely on Kim Kardashian as the most searched celebrity after all the petitions about canceling the shows were put up online when she announced the split.

We’re pretty surprised Amy Winehouse didn’t make the top 3 list. She is and always will be a legendary jazz singer though.

Kate Middleton’s Parents Snubbed from Christmas At The Palace


In the current issue of Us Weekly, the feature story is all about ‘Christmas at The Palace.’ The mag claims that Kate Middleton and Prince William are having Christmas at the palace and Kate’s parents are not being invited! Wow, that’s horrible, I can’t imagine why they would be snubbed from the holiday event.

US Weekly goes on to say that Kate Middleton changes her clothes not once but five times per day and apparently Princess Diana used to hate spending the holiday with the queen, plus they reveal some of Diana’s private holiday photos.

This issue is US Magazine’s Best of 2011 issue, which also includes info on Sandra Bullock’s painful breakup with her former husband Jesse James and why she is afraid to date again.

To find out more, pick up the current issue of Us magazine on stands now!

Kate Middleton Collapses! Could This Be More Proof She Is Pregnant?

Kate Collapses

In the current issue of Star Magazine, on news stands now, the cover story reads ‘Pregnant Kate Collapses.’ There have been reports for weeks now that there is an official ‘royal baby bump’ watch with rumours that Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William are expecting their first child.

There has been no royal confirmation or announcement made yet, but last week Kate Middleton was behaving like a pregnant womna, when she refused to drink champagne or eat peanut paste (you can read the story HERE).

Star claims that Prince William found Kate on the floor unconscious and called an ambulance! This along with Kate’s recent weight gain and private visits to doctors certainly increase speculation that a royal baby will soon be on the way!

Kate Middleton Pregnant? Refusing Champagne And Peanut Paste

Kate Middle Pregnant? Refusing Champagne And Peanut Paste

One thing is for sure, if you are pregnant you would certainly refuse champagne and peanut paste and… that is exactly what Kate Middleton did last week when she refused to drink champagne and eat peanut paste. Royal watchers for rumoured for quite some time that Kate and Prince William have been trying to produce an heir. Kate’s recent weight gain and private visits to doctors have increased speculation that a royal baby will be on the way soon.

Kate shunned champagne in favour of water as she hosted her first solo royal engagement at Clarence house last week, which implied more than ever before that could possibly be pregnant.

Now the 29-year-old Duchess has been caught on camera refusing to taste a peanut paste product while at a UNICEF aid depot in Copenhagen with Price William. According to reports, she then gave the prince a knowing look as he inspected the nutrition label on the paste’s packaging.

Doctors have frequently recommended that pregnant women avoid peanuts and peanut-by-products in order to prevent allergies during early pregnancy. Kate herself is not allergic to peanuts so why else would she refuse the treat?

Kate Middleton Has An Eating Disorder?

Does Kate Middleton Have An Eating Disorder? Hollywood Hiccups

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Kate Middleton: Vanity Fair’s World Best

Duchess Kate Middleton has been named one of the world’s best dressed women by Vanity Fair. The Biritish royal was included on Vanity Fair magazine’s annual International Best Dressed List, joining Carey Mulligan, Tilda Swinton and Princess Charlene of Monaco.

This is the second time Kate was mentioned in the mag, the first time was back in 2008.

Michelle and Barack Obama also made the cut on the Best Dressed Couples list. Although, Michelle has been among the best dressed ladies for the past four years. Celebs making the list in the Best Dressed Men category were, Colin Firth, Justin Timberlake and Formula 1 driver Jensen Button.

Celebrities & Royals at the ‘BAFTA Brits To Watch event ‘ PHOTOS

Royals, Prince William and Kate Middleton stepped out last night for the BAFTA Brits To Watch event in Los Angeles, California.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge received a heart warming welcome at the Belasco Theatre where they were joined by many Hollywood A-listers. William opened the gala with a speech about “what he hopes to achieve for the evening” before he and his new wife, the duchess, met the 42 honorees in a private reception area. Click after the jump for fabulous photos of many of the A-listers that attended the event… [Read more...]

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