Brittany Maynard ,29, Terminally ill talks Her Decision To End Her Life

resizedimageIn this issue of People Magazine, Brittany Maynard has opened up about her decision. She is an American woman, and she is battling terminal brain cancer (specifically, glioblastoma grade 4), which she was diagnosed in January 1. 2014. She has been given six months to live and she is promoting the legalization of aid in dying and she would like to e able to have the right to end her life.

What the twenty nine year old is reportedly planning is on November 1, 2014 she wants to take a fatal dose of barbiturates in the presence of her husband, mom, stepfather, and best friend, she wants to end her fight to stop suffering and her emotional final days.

Her family moved to Portland, Oregon — where the life-ending act is legal — shortly after Maynard was diagnosed last spring.

“My [cancer] is going to kill me, and it’s a terrible, terrible way to die. So to be able to die with my family with me, to have control of my own mind, which I would stand to lose – to go with dignity is less terrifying. When I look into both options I have to die, I feel this is far more humane,” Maynard tells PEOPLE.

It was on January 2, when she endured a series of tests, and doctors told her she had a “large” brain tumor. At first she was given three to five years to live after removing part of the tumour, sadly though it grew back with such a vengeance they revised their prognosis and giving her only six months. She and her family searched desperately for a treatment that could possibly save her life.

The full-brain radiation she could undergo might be brutal, possibly causing blindness and mental and physical impairment.

“It’s not lifesaving,” she says, “and it’s torturous.” In her research she had come across articles on “death with dignity” states like Oregon.

By making her decision,

“I’m choosing to suffer less, to put my family through less pain.” She knows nothing is set in stone: If Nov. 1 is a good day, she’ll hold off. But she is a realist and she is ready. “I feel very fortunate,” she says, “to go surrounded by love.”

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Brad Paisley Country Weekly (Triple Threat)

2014-09-01_cw3514-coverBrad Paisley covers Country Weekly September 1, 2014 Triple Threat). The Country singer known for his hits that are laced with humor and pop culture references is now taking a whole new direction with his new album which is called ‘Moonshine in the Trunk’ it will feature songs exploring the happier, positive sides of life. His previous one Wheelhouse looked into areas of social consciousness and satire.

“This time, I was less interested in breaking new ground and more interested in making the kind of record that my fans more than likely want me to make,” Brad notes in this CW cover story. Brad also talks about his stint on the ABC talent competition series Rising Star.

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Anna Paquin Poses Nude With Stephen Moyer Covering Entertainment Weekly

resizedimageAnna Paquin is nude along with her husband Stephen Moyer for Entertainment Weekly’s Cover. The New Zealand actress and English film and television actor and director, and True Blood star are featured as they embrace each other in a coffin, and Paquin is completely poses bare and Moyer shows his vampire fangs. In this weeks edition the Magazine is about the ‘Crazy, Sexy Final Season of ‘True Blood’.

In this final season, Anna has a sex scene with Co-star Joe Manganiello that she filmed in front of her husband, who became the director of the first episode. She said in the interview,

“It’s not as awkward as you would think. If you were to picture the perfect day at work for your spouse, would that be it? Probably not, but this is just kind of how it’s always been. So it doesn’t feel as bizarre.”

Stephen agreed with his wife, saying,

“There are moments where I’ll be watching the monitor [and say] ‘Oh, Joe, just move your hand up towards Anna’s breast. And can you move your thumb just a little bit towards her nipple? Great.’ And then I’ll go ‘Babe, babe, enjoy it.’ I’m certainly talking to her as ‘babe.’ ‘Darling, go for it, yeah, feel the nipple.’ “

The couple exchanged their vows on August, 2010 and they have fraternal twins, son Charlie and daughter Poppy, who were born in 2012. The final season of “True Blood” will premiere on June 22, 2014.

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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s Wedding Extravaganza, The Dressess, Drama, The Over The Top Details

resizedimage (1)Exclusively in this issue of People Magazine, details of Kim Kardashain’s and Kanye West’s wedding extravaganza. The dresses, the drama and all the over the top details. Also why her brother skipped her wedding.

“It was a roller coaster, but in the best way,”

What one of the guests has told PEOPLE, which includes twenty wedding pictures.

“It was a crazy, nonstop, incredible dream.” But there was at least one quiet moment during the ceremony at Forte di Belvedere in Florence, Italy, on May 24: When the couple recited their self-penned vows, which featured “a little bit of humor and a whole lot of love,” says an attendee. The groom “told me he had practiced them in front of a mirror several times to commit them to memory,” says the attendee. “He didn’t make any mistakes.” And the couple’s 11-month-old daughter, North, made sure to capture the spotlight. Carried down the aisle by grandma Kris Jenner, says another source, “She clapped the whole way down.”

Also in this issue the reason Sofia Vergara and her finance part ways and Sandra Bullock: Why I Care Personal Stories About Giving Back.

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Drew Barrymore Introduces Baby Daughter Frankie!

resizedimageExclusively in this issue of People Magazine, Drew Barrymoore brings home second baby, as her family gets more filled with love and happiness, the life the thirty nine year old never dreamed she would ever have. She hares first pictures of her daughter Frankie as she opens up about motherhood,

“To make your kids feel safe is everything,” the actress tells PEOPLE. Less than three weeks after giving birth to her second daughter with her art-adviser husband, Will Kopelman, 36, Barrymore was back at work promoting her new comedy with Adam Sandler, despite sleepless nights and toddler-chasing days. “I have no brain capacity to do anything right now!” she jokes, stifling one of several inadvertent yawns as she talks about the joy she’s found as a mom. “But I have my heart. And I can love my kids like nobody’s business.”

Also in this issue, People names the most talk about bodies, and Elin Nordegren On Life After Tiger Woods.

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‘Oscar Winner’ Lupita Nyong’o Is ‘People’s Most Beautiful

resizedimageLupita Nyong’o has been named ‘People’s most beautiful. The Kenya actress from 12 Years A Slave graces this issue of the twenty fifth celebration of the world’s most beautiful celebrities. The thirty one year old has been naming the fifty most beautiful celebrities in the world since the year 1990. The star has just recently won an Academy Award and landed a contract with the Lancome Paris.

The actress told People that while growing up, she equated beauty with,

“light skin and long, flowing, straight hair,” and as a teen died her hair every color except blond and even shaved her head.

Growing up in Kenya, Nyong’o’s mother, who is the managing director and head of PR for the Africa Cancer Foundation,

 “always said I was beautiful,” the actor said. “And I believed her at some point.”

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Tori Spelling ‘I’ll Never Trust Dean’ She Opens Up About His Cheating Confessions!

e7pql0q15o5d515lExclusively in this issue of US Weekly, Tori Spelling opens up about her husband Dean McDermott’s affair. The actress and mother of four children recalls the hurtful moment she found out about that her husband of eight years had an affair with twenty eight year old Emily Goodhand last December in Toronto. She is unsure her marriage can be saved, she tells Us Weekly that she’s going to try anyways. Airing on April 22,

“True Tori” is the blisteringly honest documentary that follows Tori and Dean as they attend couples therapy and attempt to save what’s left of their relationship.

“I wanted to tell my story exactly as it was happening, what my feelings were,” Spelling tells the magazine. Adding that the experience has left her feeling “judged,” she says that things in her world aren’t “black and white.”

“You don’t stop loving someone because they do something really bad to you,” she says. “He was my soul mate and he completely broke my heart. It makes you not trust anything that’s happened in your relationship.”

Speaking of that “something bad,

” Spelling does go into detail with the magazine about how she found out the truth about Dean’s devastating affair.

Pick up the latest issue of US Weekly to read more!

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