Nicki Minaj Pigs Out On The Road

Nicki Minaj Pigs Out On The Road

Nicki Minaj‘s loves her food and her tour contract rider includes three buckets of spicy fried chicken!  The rapper’s backstage demands have been revealed and it seems the musician is happy to live up to her diva reputation.

As well as the chicken – which she specifies must have “no thighs” and “lots of wings” – Nicki also asks for 2 dozen pink or white roses, two Space Heaters, one gallon of Simply Lemonade, 12 cans of Red Bull and scented candles.

Food is apparently very important to the 29-year-old star and her crew as she requests different items for throughout the day, including scrambled egg whites, turkey bacon, toast, Belgian waffles, strawberries, assorted juices and a large fruit platter for breakfast and a deli tray with turkey breast meat, grilled chicken breast, whole Wheat bread or rolls, yellow mustard and other condiments (seasoned salt, hot sauce) and a large fruit platter with side of mango and one large cheese platter for after the concert.

Her extravagant demands are revealed in the new issue of Wonderland magazine.

Despite her excessive requirements, Nicki says she isn’t a diva off stage and insists she takes on a persona when she performs.

She told the publication: “They’re definitely two completely different people. Obviously what I would wear at home is not what I would wear up on stage and I think, when I’m at home it’s a way more introspective character and I think the person people see on stage is anything but. I watch a lot of ‘Judge Judy’. And I watch a lot of ‘Forensic Files. And I cook – I cook spaghetti really, really good; I cook macaroni and cheese really, really good; I cook chicken really, really good.”

Cher Disses Nicki Minaj On Twitter

Nicki and Cher

A rapper and an ultimate pop legend feuding? We want more. Over the weekend, Cher put yourself in a position nobody wants to be in…. fighting with Nicki Minaj for something she didn’t even do.

Here is what happened. A fan of Cher tweeted the star early afternoon saying: “@cher did you know that b-tch @NickiMinaj dissed you in her song DIDITONEM?”

Cher did not hesitate to reply to the message, thinking that what the fan had said was actually true: “Ive seen lots of people come & go! No biggie!” which led to boyfriend, Beezy to tweet: “yo @cher listen to the words b4 you say dumb s**t on twitter…do you know what a rap metaphor is??? TM is a cult you dont want it with!!”

Nicki didn’t seem happy over the whole incident, she didn’t even know what she did wrong and simply tweeted: “@Cher #stopit5.”

Cher realized what had been said was actually false and she quickly apologized: “I’ve been dissed b4, but instead of finding out…I just got defensive! I should know better! Dumb. What does that say about me? Insecure? Want 2b understood? What?”

Rap Artist Nicki Minaj Picks Up Two 2011 American Music Awards


Rapper Nicki Minaj picked up two 2011 American Music Awards this evening; favourite hip-hop artist and best hip-hop album. The rap artist also opened the show singing her smash hit single “Super Bass” in a metallic outfit that had two large speakers on her ass.

“This one could actually make me cry, I can’t believe this is happening.” Minaj said during her acceptance speech.

Minaj thanked rapper Lil Wayne, who put Minaj in his stable of artists at Young Money records.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj and Pitbull: 2011 American Music Awards Nominees Announced

Nicki Minaj and Pitbull

Rappers, Pitbull and rapper Nicki Minaj annouced the 2011 AMA’s Nominees onstage during the 2011 American Music Awards Nominees Press Conference in LA today. Here are the nominees, stay tuned November 20th, 2011 when all the winners will be revealed in the live telecast:

Artist of The Year:

Lady Gaga
Katy Perry
Lil Wayne
Taylor Swift

Best Pop/Rock Male:

Justin Bieber
Bruno Mars

Best Pop/Rock Female:

Katy Perry
Lady Gaga

Best Pop/Rock Group:

Maroon 5
One Republic

Pop Rock Album:

Adele – 21
Rihanna – Loud
Lady Gaga – Born This Way

Rap/Hip Hop:

Lil Wayne
Nicki Minaj
Kanye West

Rap/Hip Hop Album:

Lil Wayne – Carter 4
The Throne – Watch The Throne
Nicki Minaj -  Pink Friday

Soul/R&B Male:

Chris Brown
Trey Songz

Soul/R&B Female:

Kelly Rowland

Soul/R&B Album:

Chris Brown  FAME
Rihanna  Loud
Beyoncé  4


Jennifer Lopez
Enrique Iglesias

Best New Artist:

Wiz Khalifa
The Band Perry
Marsha Ambrosius
Foster The People
Hot Chelle Rae
Thompson Square

Another Day, Another Celebrity Sex Tape Surfaces?

lil-wayne-nicki-minaj-This time the celebrities involved in the alleged sex tape scandal are L’il Wayne and his protégé Nicki Minaj!  Someone in New Orleans is trying to sell the tape for a whopping $150,00o.00 for the naughty footage of the two rap stars. apparently has a screening of the video which is some three years old and filmed by none other than Weezy himself. What do you think, did Minaj get down and dirty with Weezy before she became a star? or, is this a case of mistaken identity?

Facebook: Nicki Minaj Leaked Sex Tape

Nicki Minaj Sex Tape Hits Facebook Hollywood Hiccups

Eva Longoria, Demi Lovato and Jessica Alba Looking Gorgeous at 2011 Alma Awards Have U heard??

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Birdman ft. Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj ‘Y.U.Mad’ = PITIFUL

I don’t care what anybody says, Nikki Minaj is so annoying. Her voice is over the top nazely and that “unique” flow she has is crap as well. I can’t stand how stupid she is in every song, what she does to be different is just crap in the end.

Birdman was just Birdman, he just needs to retire from the rap game. His rhymes are lame and he’s so boring here. Unlike Birdman, I can see Snoop Dogg rapping till he’s 70!

Now for Lil Wayne, he’s just the same old Wayne nothing that new; the only thing I liked about him was the Wayne’s World refrence on his last bar. The chorus is horribly done as well, Nicki just over doing it as usual just ruins the whole point. “Why you mad?” Well maybe you’re lack of talent is possibly one. I can’t stand these type of songs, it’s as if I’m slowly hearing rap die.

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