Ace Hood Ft. Busta Rhymes & Yelawold ‘Shit Done Got Real’ Ace Pulls It Down

Ace Hood

I haven’t listened to Ace Hood for years now, almost forgot the guy was even a rapper. But he wasn’t all that bad, I like how he had his own flow because nowadays we see so many rappers with the same crap and it gets boring. His lyrics were just average, I felt that they could have been a whole lot better for this instrumental.

Then we got Busta Rhymes and Yelawolf, these two just dominate this song, it kind of feels like Ace Hood just doesn’t belong and the song should just have these two. They both have amazing lyrics and never disappoint me and I can’t forget their amazing flow especially Yelawolf he’s just amazing.

This song is something I don’t think I’d put on my iPod, but Ace Hood just pulls it down for me so I think this song is something I’d only listen to once and probably forget about it. It’s not bad or anything, it’s good, just not memorable.