Raekwon Ft. Busta Rhymes ‘MTV Cribs’ A Great Listen To


Right off the bat I just fell in love with the instrumental, it’s just got this really soothing and smooth sound. It also flows really well with Raekwon’s voice since he makes his voice smooth it just really compliments each other.

Now I like Raekwon but I actually don’t listen to him all that much, in this song he’s really good – just in the first couple of bars you can just hear the man talent. Also Busta Rhymes like usual just delivers, his flow is just something you’ll never hear from another rapper and his lyrics fit perfectly with it. But I must say I wasn’t a huge fan of the concept of the song, being as if they’ve got awesome houses and they rap about what they have and such. Not my favourite kind of songs but this one does it really well.

This song is just a great to listen to but not quite iPod worthy, so I’d say give it a shot if you like this type of concept. But if you’re like me and don’t, then I don’t think it’s necessary to listen to since you probably won’t like it.

B.O.B Ft. Andre 3000 ‘Play the Guitar’ Delivered Perfect


I’ve never been that big fan of B.O.B but damn, he really did well on this song. His flow was just actually really good, and his rhymes I felt were much better than what from what I remembered of him.

Then we got Andre 3000, this guy is hands down one of the greatest rappers to have ever rap. His flow just goes perfect with the instrumental; it’s as if it was made for him, his flow is the definition of perfection. His lyrics are just amazing; his rhymes are just incredibly entertaining.

The instrumental is really well made, it suited both rappers amazingly. Not only their flow but I also had the feeling that their voices just sounded right on it. Also I really loved the very slight scratching in the instrumental it just gave it a great sound.

Conclusion, this song is something that belongs on my iPod.  B.O.B and Andre 3000 just deliver this perfectly; it’s been too long since we had a good song like this. We see so many rappers releasing albums but come on, Andre 3000 just has to make another album he’s an amazing rapper that should stop being the one featured in songs. Honestly, every song I’ve heard him featured in this year he just out raps the other artists, so he’s just got to take the initiative and release one more.

Greatest Rap Duo: Wax Ft. Dumbfoundead ‘Guess Who’


Before my favourite rap duo was Eminem and Royce Da 5’9, but now I can’t really decide. Wax and Dumbfoundead are by far one of the greatest rap duos I’ve ever heard, because the thing is both of them are amazing not one of them is weaker than the other.

Their lyrics are phenomenal they’ve got everything which makes a rap great, punchlines, metaphors, mutli syllable rhymes, flow, are just on point. These aren’t your average rappers and I really believe that other rappers out there have to listen to this song to truly understand the expected talent you must have for rap.

The instrumental I know has a sample from the music of an old videogame, I can’t put my finger on it but damn it sounds familiar I really like it!

The hook is what I loved the most about this song I find it incredibly creative. The way they mention a bunch of popular pop culture duos and saying they aren’t like them but something new and you should remember them.

Lupe Fiasco ‘American Terroist III’ Delivers


This song was just incredible, but I noticed that so many people were putting down the instrumental saying it was crap. Really? I think people today are too used to hearing that Young Money type of crap that they can’t appreciate the greatness of it. I felt the instrumental was really catchy, it fit the hook really well. Now the hook actually has a weird yet creepy sound, I had to listen to it a couple times to actually understand what it said. But you know what, I like this style from Lupe, it’s just a breath of fresh air compared to the crap I usually hear.

Lupe just delivers nothing but greatness with his lyrics, to be honest this could be the best lyrics I’ve heard from him all year. It’s just completely real, he puts so many rappers to shame, I’d consider him one of the few great rappers that are quite mainstream. My favourite of his lyrics was “Everybody, everywhere is calling you a hero they going through the rubble, but the body count is zero. It’s all violent and bloodless, I know the government really loves this.” It really hit me and as the last couple of words in his final verse it really stood out.

This song isn’t something I would put on my iPod but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. This song is amazing and really deserves a listen, of course like I’ve said before, the instrumental isn’t for everyone but just listen to the words and you’ll understand how amazing this song really is.

Ace Hood Ft. Busta Rhymes & Yelawold ‘Shit Done Got Real’ Ace Pulls It Down

Ace Hood

I haven’t listened to Ace Hood for years now, almost forgot the guy was even a rapper. But he wasn’t all that bad, I like how he had his own flow because nowadays we see so many rappers with the same crap and it gets boring. His lyrics were just average, I felt that they could have been a whole lot better for this instrumental.

Then we got Busta Rhymes and Yelawolf, these two just dominate this song, it kind of feels like Ace Hood just doesn’t belong and the song should just have these two. They both have amazing lyrics and never disappoint me and I can’t forget their amazing flow especially Yelawolf he’s just amazing.

This song is something I don’t think I’d put on my iPod, but Ace Hood just pulls it down for me so I think this song is something I’d only listen to once and probably forget about it. It’s not bad or anything, it’s good, just not memorable.

Bow Wow ‘Crunch Time’ Same Generic Shit

Bow Wow

Bow Wow is the perfect example of what type of rappers I hate; he doesn’t have his own sound. He’s like every amateur rapper coming out today; lyrics are way below average, they’re just pathetic. No concept, weak metaphors, and awful punch lines. There’s no concept to this song what so ever, it’s just a complete waste of time recording this.

The instrumental wasn’t that bad, I bet if we gave this instrumental to a talented rapper we’d be dealing with some work. I must say though Bow Wow actually has good flow, it was the only redeeming feature in the whole song.

Without a doubt this song is just another song added to the list of songs that really have no point to exist. I’m just waiting for a rapper who can actually write some meaningful content, so I can ignore this type of garbage.

Kendrick Lamar Ft. Busta Rhymes ‘Rigamortis’ – Damn This Is Good

Kendrick Lamar

Apparently this song is a remix, but damn is it good! I don’t listen to Lamar usually, can’t say I even have a song of his on my iPod but I can tell you one thing, he was incredibly amazing on this song. His lyrics were just great, I felt like this guy really kept on par with Busta. He had a nice flow and I liked how around his last verse he changes it up, making it a little faster. Once again nothing I can say about Busta, he always pulls through on a song and adds a nice charm to it.

The instrumental was very different, I love what little I believe is a saxophone in the background the whole time. It just went smoothly with the way they flowed on this song, it just got stuck in my head.

The hook was pretty cool, saying how your favorite rapper is dead and then saying he killed him. A pretty confident statement but this song really does show a lot of skills and technique, so if your favorite rapper is any one in Young Money then I’m pretty sure it’s a serious statement.

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