Suburgatory Season 1 ‘Driving Miss Dalia’ 01/04/2012 LIVE recap


Tonight is the tenth episode of Suburgatory‘s season 1 and it is titled “Driving Miss Dalia”.  Have you seen any episodes of Suburgatory? It’s about a single father George only wants the best for his 16-year-old daughter, Tessa. So when he finds a box of condoms on her nightstand, he moves them out of their apartment in New York City to a house in the suburbs. But all Tessa sees is the horror of over-manicured lawns and plastic Franken-moms. Being in the burbs can be hell, but it also may just bring Tessa and George closer than they’ve ever been.

Official Synopsis: Tonight, new driver Tessa is hired by Dalia to help her stalk her crush, but the plan might backfire when Tessa discovers a mutual attraction with her nemesis’ obsession. Meanwhile, George jumps through hoops to join the local country club.

RECAP: Tonight we begin with George and Tessa, they are waiting in line for her drivers test when Dalia and Dallas walk in. Dalia has already flunked twice. Tessa takes off to go on her drivers test and George is excited. Dallas and George are talking about teaching the children how to drive when Dalia gets called in for her test too.

Tessa passed her test, Dalia failed again! George gives Tessa the keys after she drops him off at the Country Club so Tessa can drive around. George loves the Country Club. He has Noah’s guest pass and he takes full advantage of it. The gentleman from the desk comes in the steam room and tells George his guest pass has expired, he has to leave.

At dinner Noah and his friends are talking about George’s pass expiring and they suggest that he join the club.

Tessa is at the top of her game now at school because she has her license. Dalia got herself a neck brace from her driving test, she requests her services for $70.00 to drive her around. And Tessa tells her make it a $100.00 and buy the gas and she will drive her.

George stops at Noah’s dentist office and asks about Noah not calling the club to give him a reference to join. He tells him he will have to jump thru some hoops.

They gets in the car and Dalia drives Tessa crazy, she tells her that she is not even a good back seat driver. Tessa gets driver’s itch, looks down for a minute and hits another car, it belongs to Scott Strauss. Dalia throws another $50.00 dollars at her to get her a date with Scott.

Tessa gets out of the car and tells Scott that she is not accepting responsibility. Scott tells her that there is no damage so it’s no big deal. She tells Scott all these things about himself and he figures she is Facebook stalking him. She does as Dalia tells her and tells Scott she is not stalking him but Dalia is and Dalia wants to go out on a date with him. Tessa sets up the time and date and tells him they will be there. He says “We”? She explains that she is Dalia’s driver.

Back at the club Noah is there in the steam room when George walks in. He is upset because Noah has not filled out the sponsor section of his application. George and Noah start to fight when the manager walks and throws George out again.

Tessa is talking to Lisa about Scott going out with Dalia. Lisa says he is a great guy and can’t figure out why he would go out with Dalia. Date night comes and George had the car so the girls had to take Dallas’ car, the Bently! Tessa drives them on their date and after Dalie leaves the car, Scott comes back in to get his wallet and tells Tessa that the only reason he agreed to the date was so he could spend more time with Tessa.  At school the next day Tessa tells Lisa about Scott Liking her and Lisa is so excited about it.

George’s application is being rejected and he has been dinged so the application is denied, out of the club, he goes again.

Tessa is sitting on the porch with Scott talking about all of his travels. She knew she should tell him they can’t keep meeting up but she just couldn’t.

Noah goes to see George and brings him a membership to the club, he says he had a change of heart. George confesses that getting dinged was probably the best thing because he can’t afford the dues. Noah explains that he put him on as a family member, therefore he doesn’t have to pay dues.

Tessa asks George if he knew who actually dinged him, he said no and wish the person would man up.

Tessa drops by Dalia’s house and finds her making a collage of herself and Scott. Tessa opens up and tells Dalia the truth, that Scott likes her and not Dalia. Dalia gets really upset, she says ‘game on’ biatch!

George and Tessa are at the coutry club having breakfast when the server comes around and tells George that she won’t be able to go out with him now because he is a member. Tessa looks at George and says Ding!!! The server is the one who dinged him from being a member. They laugh about the whole thing and Tessa finds they don’t fit in, but doesn’t care because she has her driver’s license.

Suburgatory Season 1 ‘The Nutcracker’ 12/07/2011 LIVE recap


Tonight is the ninth episode of Suburgatory‘s season 1 and it is titled “Nutcracker”. Tessa feels responsible when her father breaks up with his girlfriend, but George is not upset at all, he’s already got his eye on someone else – Tessa’s Art teacher.

George decides to embrace the holiday spirit with a tree trimming party complete with ex-girlfriend, potential new girlfriend and the Royces, and  it’s not long before he finds himself under the mistletoe with a special someone. Handsome Jay Mohr guest stars tonight as Steven Royce.

RECAP: Tonight the episode begins with George and Tessa are in the car driving thru the neighborhood with their Christmas tree on the hood. Tessa is giving George the cold shoulder about lying about Zoe and the city. Tessa overhears George on Skype breaking up with Zoe and uses her as the excuse. She storms in and tells George he didn’t have to break-up with her. George explains that sometimes parents sacrifice for their children.

Tessa is out with Lisa Shay trying to find a present for George to make up for costing him his love life with Zoe, she is determined to make this up to him.

Meanwhile, she didn’t know that hee was milking it all the way to teach her a lesson. George even took a wreath making class at Tessa’s high school, not for the art, for Aimee the art teacher, George has a crush on her. Mr Wolfe tells George that she just had a bad break-up with the shop teacher. George is trying to impress Aimee, he  invites her to his house to trim the tree and not to make her feel odd he invites everyone else to make it sound like a party rather than a date.

Tessa gets in contact with Zoe and tries to get her and George and back together, she invites her to the tree trimming party too and gets her to agree not knowing that the real reason George dumped her was because he had a crush on Aimee the art teacher.

Dallas is at home decorating her pink trees (she’s so awesome) and dealing with her crazy husband, but all she can think about is George when all of a sudden he walks in to invite her to the tree trimming party. Dallas agrees, then she remembers that she is going to Aspen for skiing with the family so she won’t be able to make it, damn.

Back at home George’s party is getting started and Tessa realiizes that he has the hots for her art teacher, Aimee so she asks Lisa to stall Zoe so the party doesn’t get ugly, while she attempts to get rid of Aimee but it’s not working well.

At the party Noah shows up and George is making punch. George thinks Aimee is a good person. Tessa comes up and tells him she is sick and must tell everyone to go home. Especially Aimee. George is totally mad at Tessa for acting so silly. At Dallas’ s house she opens the gift that George got her and is so impressed because he remembers what she likes. In the end, her flight may be canceled so she may make it to the party yet.

George is explaining to Tessa why he dumped Zoe, he tells her the truth that he ditched her because she is crazy and annoying. The door bell rings and guess who is there? Zoe is standing there and plants a big one right on him in front of  everyone at the party. Awkward!

Tessa notices that Lisa is still outside, She has her come in because she is frozen. Lisa tells Tessa that she feels guilty because she comes between him and probably a lot of woman. Noah is dealing with Zoe. She is seems a bit confused by his speech. She starts looking for George.

Tessa goes to talk to Aimee to tell her the truth that she is the one who screwed things up and she feels bad about all of this and wants her to forgive George because it wasn’t his fault.

Noah finally gets her to think that she doesn’t want George, so now she wants him. He tells he is married and she flips out on him on the front lawn.

Dallas comes to the party to thank George for the mittens he bought her for Christmas and plants a kiss on him. Dallas notices that everyone at the party has the same mittens and realizes that she was not speacial to George after all, she is hurt and leaves. Aimee saw all this and went crazy about this silliness with George. She stomps out screaming, meanwhile Noah is getting snow balled by Zoe!

George and Tessa are having a heart-to-heart about the whole situation and hoped she learned a valuable lesson. She apologizes that he doesn’t have someone special to spend the Holidays with and they make a pact, that if either of them has a significant other they would be understanding from now on and not mettle.

Suburgatory Season 1 Episode 8 ‘Thanksgiving’ 11/23/2011 LIVE recap


Tonight is the eighth episode of Suburgatory and it is seasonally titled, “Thanksgiving.” Tonight, Tessa is depressed about spending another Thanksgiving in the suburbs talks Dallas into spending the day in the city rather than have to endure it, but Tessa loses her cool when she spots her father with a woman after he said he had to work. Meanwhile, Lisa is upset about wearing a dress her mother picked out for her to wear to dinner.

Suburgatory Thanksgiving

Did you see the last episode of Suburgatory when Tessa had her Sweet Sixteen party? If not, you can catch it all HERE.

Tonight’s recap: The holiday season brings Tessa reminiscing about old memories and traditions with her father, but George has some new traditions in mind.

 Tessa sees Lisa outside approaches her about Thanksgiving. Lisa is very upset because she has to wear a dress that her mother makes her wear that all her female cousin’s wear every Thanksgiving.  Tessa tells Lisa to just tell her mom  that she is not going to wear it. Lisa takes Tessa’s advise and tells her mother she is not wearing the dress,  her mother has a total fit and sends Lisa to her room.

George goes to Dallas’ house and asks her to have Tessa over because he has a big job and he can’t spend time with her. Dallas talks Tessa into getting her hair done like hers, she agrees they can do it if she will take her where she wants to go for lunch, back to the city.

Dallas talks Tessa into getting her hair done like hers. Tessa agrees they can do it if she will take her where she wants to go for lunch. Which is back in the city! Meanwhile, back at Dallas’ house Dalia is party planning with the house staff and she is being bossy as usual.

Dallas is being introduced to knock-off purses and sun glasses that are sold for cheap in the city. Dallas and Tessa now have a new found friendship and some secrets. At the art museum, Dallas tries to buy some of the art. Tessa teaches Dallas how to eat New York pizza, just when they eye George checking out a beautiful woman. It appears George lied to Dallas and Tessa about his “work”.

Dallas and Tessa are talking about George and his secret love affair on the way back home in the car, she doesn’t want them to say anything when they get back home because they were not supposed to be in the city.

On Thanksgiving day, George and Tessa are on their way over to dinner at Tessa’s house but she is still upset about the city but has not said anything to George yet about it.

At Dallas’ house party, her husband is home and they are fighting about the dog she bought. Lisa was held up in her room while her mother attempted to smoke her out with the heat! She runs to the bathroom for a cold shower when she gets out, she finds that the dreaded dress that her mother wants her to wear is hanging on the door! Has Lisa lost the battle?

Tessa and George are at the dinner table at Dallas’ house when Tessa calls George out about his ‘secret’ girlfriend and of course, now George knows that they were in the city that day! All hell is about to break lose!

Back at the Shay’s house Lisa comes down from the bathroom in a towel and asks her mother if this is the dress she wanted her to wear and drops the towel. The whole family is shocked! Lisa runs out of the house naked and down the street. She hears the police sirens and runs to hide.

Back at the the Royce home everyone begins to argue! Tessa is fighting with George about him going to the City and having a girlfreind without telling her. On the car ride home they begin to talk a little. All of a sudden Lisa jumps out of the backseat with no clothes on and scares them both. George stops at an ice cream shop in the city with Tessa and Lisa and buys them milkshakes!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Suburgatory Episode 8 Preview: Thanksgiving

Last week was the 7th episode of “Suburgary” titled “Sweet Sixteen”. Tessa wanted a small birthday party but Dallas convinces her to let Dalia plan the ultimate party and she goes a little overboard. Did you miss my the episode? If so, you can catch the full recap HERE.

Suburgatory Thanksgiving

In the eighth and upcoming episode next week, it is Thanksgiving. Tessa is depressed about spending another Thanksgiving in the suburbs talks Dallas into spending the day in the city rather than have to endure it, but Tessa loses her cool when she spots her father with a woman after he said he had to work. Meanwhile, Lisa is upset about wearing a dress her mother picked out for her to wear to dinner. Stay tuned Wednesday, November 23rd at 8:30pm for the full recap.

Suburgatory Season 1 Episode 7 ‘Sweet Sixteen’ 11/16/2011 RECAP

suburgatoryTonight is the 7th episode of “Suburgary” titled “Sweet Sixteen”. Did you miss my favorite episode, the Halloween one? If so, you can read our full recap HERE.

In tonight’s episode, Tessa tells Dallas that she wants a simple and quiet get together for her sixteenth birthday with just maybe two friends, pizza a movie rental at home. Dallas throws that thought completely out the window and convinces Tessa to let Dalia plan the ultimate birthday extravaganza at the country club. The party is “over the top” complete with a live performance by her favorite band, specialty drinks (a signature drink called the Tessa-tini) and go-go cages – a real unfogettable bash! Tessa even lets go of her trademark city-girl clothes for a day and opts for a pretty simple white bejewelled dress that Dalia just adores. Meanwhile George throws his back out and Sheila jumps at the chance to lend a helping hand to care for him.


George is looking at all his grey hairs and wonders when he got so old. At breakfast, Tessa and George are dicussing her sweet 16 birthday.

George and Tessa head out to go shopping for groceries and run into Dallas and Dalia. George tells them about Tessa’s birthday. Dallas is really interested and wants to know what she has planned. Tessa reveals that she just wants a quiet birthday, a couple of friends and a pizza. Dallas talks Tessa into a big party and promises to get Tessa’s favorite band to play live. Tessa agrees because she would love to see her favorite band live at her birthday party.

George and Noah are listening to Tessa’s CD of her favorite band and can’t figure seem to figure it out, they are just too old for this music. George slips and screws up his back up really bad. Sheila Shay comes to the rescue and takes care of George.

Dallas tells Tessa she got the band to play for her party but she needs someone to plan everything with her. She suggests her daughter Dalia. Tessa can’t say no since Dallas did get the band for her. Dalia and Tessa begin to talk about what she wants for her party, but of course Dalia is calling the shots!

Tessa complains to George about Dalia and her plans for the party when Sheila walks in and chases her out of the room because George needs his rest to recuperate. Dallas comes by with some homemade soup that her maid made for him, yum. Dallas wants to see George but Sheila won’t allow any visitors. Dallas and Sheila have a few heated words and Sheila slams the door shut.

Tessa is talking with some other students about her birthday when Dalia comes up and tells her that they are going clothes shopping for her party. Tessa is so thrilled, but Dalia threatens to get rid of the band if she doesn’t do what she says.

Noah stops by to see George, Sheila wakes him up. Noah offers to sponsor Tessa’s birthday  so he can advertise to all the teenagers about dental care. He is such an idiot, but George wants Tessa birthday to be special, so he agrees.

Back at the mall Tessa and Dalia are fighting about what she should wear. Dalia picks out a dress for Tessa that she looks fabulous in.

Tessa is getting ready for her party and George is so proud of her., she looks fantastic. Sheila keeps feeding pain pills to George so it will knock him out which is causing him to be concerned about her.

At Tessa’s birthday bash she is totally impressed. Noah makes up a drink so that it will stain the crap out the teen’s teeth so he can make some cash off of the cleanings. There are fire breathers, dancers and lots of lights.

George manages to sneak out of the house and take off with Dallas so he can get away from Sheila, not only to get rid of Sheila, but to not miss his daughter’s birthday.

Back at the party Tessa and Dalia are fighting because Dalia sent her friends home, apparently they didn’t fit in. In the middle of the fight Tessa’s band starts to play, although no one seems to like the music.  Tessa is not happy about the birthday party because her real friends are not there.

George makes it to Tessa’s birthday just in time for Tessa to be leaving. She drags George and a couple of her real friends back to the house for pizza. Dallas bought Tessa diamond earrings for her birthday. George embarrasses her by wanting his father/daughter dance for her Sweet Sixteen birthday right in the living room! So cute. The End.